Episode Circulation

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I'm definitely interested! e-mail: eeacc@yahoo.com.au Thanks

Post by Guest » Dec 28th 1999, 11:21 am

Have found another person but would like to hear from you as well. But if you are overwhelmed at the moment, don't worry about replying.

Thanks a lot for offering though.

Have a Happy New Millenium!


Re: Episode Circulation

Post by Guest » Dec 28th 1999, 12:40 pm

That'd be the best post-holiday present ever! My e-mail is stardust@midsouth.rr.com. Thanks for the offer!

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Re: Episode Circulation

Post by PyroPaul » Feb 24th 2000, 8:39 pm

Yes- I am very interested in the 7 episodes not included in the box sets, as well as episodes 11 and 12, since I could not find the second box set, but I bought the tapes with episodes 6, 7, 8, and 10. Please e-mail me about it at lordofthisworld@hotmail.com Thanks.



Matthew email me!!!!!

Post by Guest » Dec 25th 2000, 4:14 pm

vasallo@earthlink.net I'm interested in your tapes. thanks http://www.ScoldingRomeo.com

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Re: Matthew email me!!!!!

Post by Krakolano » Mar 4th 2001, 5:12 pm

well? ....well? did you guys get your tapes?
let's have a review of this guy.

i am sure as heckfire interested in getting my hands on those seven missing episodes. my e-mail addy is Epitalamio@aol.com...

oh, and by the way...that girl with the UB e-mail address...nice to bump into another buffalonian on the net.

i don't believe in making plans...whatever happens... happens.

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Re: Matthew email me!!!!!

Post by ataris » Mar 14th 2001, 9:51 pm

Matthew has stopped doing this... or so I guess. He hasn't replied in a long time. Just thought I would let you know.

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Re: Matthew email me!!!!!

Post by Krakolano » Apr 11th 2001, 7:50 pm

you have a team of monkeys workin round the clock to get to that conclusion?

i don't believe in making plans...whatever happens... happens.


I would like to get all 19 episodes

Post by Guest » Jul 12th 2002, 3:27 pm

Can anyone sell me all 19 episodes on VHS (no parts missing)? The picture and sound have to be good. E-mail me at ksmile_71@hotmail.com It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Post by Angelas_Dream » Dec 29th 2002, 3:03 pm

hi i am interested please please please e-mail me at FrozenPedal@aol.com thanks so much.


Post by Guest » Apr 6th 2003, 4:50 pm

im interested in gettin all the episodes so if any one has any infomation plz email jodz_101@hotmail.com im willin to pay whats needed

thanx jodi xxx

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MSCL.com Team
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Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Apr 6th 2003, 8:57 pm

I am moving this topic to "For Sale or Wanted" due to (1) the fact that Matthew is no longer doing this and (2) the entire series is now available on DVD (Matthew was providing this as a fan to fan service because not all of the episodes were released on video).

For those of you seeking video copies, there are usually sets available at ebay. I know there are a few people who sell on ebay that include cast/crew interviews, Claire Danes on Letterman, and the Soul Asylum video with the set.
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