It's a my humble opinion!

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Re: It's a my humble opinion!

Post by Joanna » Apr 29th 2002, 6:03 pm

LMAO (blush blush) I thought it was just me!!!!!!!!!! I have no idea how to work the thing either :0) Can't seem to even get my name on there! Let me know when you work it out - good luck!

LOL Jo x

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Re: It's Fixed!

Post by alicia » Apr 29th 2002, 6:10 pm

hey joanna. we're in there at bout 4 eng time tommorow. try and get in if u can. not sure why its not working. im pretty crap at computers, but its been ok the past few days, so keep tryin girl! hopefully speak 2 u tomoz>

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Re: Don't give up!

Post by K-man » Apr 30th 2002, 8:49 am

Keep trying. I think you just click on chat from the menu on the left of the page over there and it should assign you an ID# and once you get in there alicia can explain the rest. She's the smartest chatter i know!!!!! She helped me. 4 your time is 10 in the morning for me so I am at work and if I can get my work caught up i can chat for a little while. I don't have a comp. at home so i can only chat here in the morning. Hope to talk soon.

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