Try by Billy Pilgrim (used in Life of Brian at the dance)

Talk about the soundtrack of MSCL. You can find a list of songs played in the episodes here.
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Try by Billy Pilgrim (used in Life of Brian at the dance)

Post by Guest » Nov 12th 1999, 11:48 pm

Hi!! Does anyone know who sings the song at the end of the "Life of Brian" episode when it ends, and the camera pulls over the gym away from Angela and Brian right before it ends. I think it maight be called "try" but i don't know. There's a line in it that goes "Try i you or try if you won't / You're damned if u do and you're damned if u don't" or something close to that. Dang I want that song! Plus, I haven't bougth the soundtrack so if it's on there I'm going to the music store right away =). Thank you guys!!

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Re: Song at the end of "Life of Brian" episode

Post by Jack » Nov 13th 1999, 3:12 am

The song in question is not on the soundtrack CD. Your question has opened up a whole new topic
though, at least for me, of course I might be way behind so would somebody please enlighten me.
I just listened to the CD (having not listened to it for several years) and I can't place most of the songs.
There are eleven tracks (the last one being the opening theme). The first track is the Juliana Hatfield
song from the X-Mas episode. The second song is Buffalo Tom, but not the cool "Late At Night" that
we get to hear twice in "Self-Esteem", but a song titled "Soda Jerk" that, ironically, we do get to hear
twice but not in the same episode. We hear it briefly in "Why Jordan Can't Read" when Sharon and
Kyle are making out in the hall and Kyle comments that Rayanne is watching them and we hear it
again, briefly, in "Self-Esteem" when our female trio first arrive at Pike Street. Tracks 3 thru 7 are a
mystery to me. Somebody please, please enlighten me. Track 8 is The Lemonheads "Dawn Can't
Decide" which was played in "The Life of Brian" during the point where Angela and Brian are sitting on
the bleachers and she tells him he's heartless. Tracks 9 and 10 are a mystery. So here's what I
propose as a topic of discussion for the board. Somebody, everybody, please list where the
soundtrack "mystery" songs are played in the series and also list all songs that have been played
in the series and what CD's they can be found on so us purist lunatics can collect all the music
played in the series. Thank you and I anxiously await the responses.

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Re: Song at the end of "Life of Brian" episode

Post by oldguy » Nov 13th 1999, 8:28 am

You can find (I believe) a complete listing of all songs played
on the show at this very site (Go to the site map and look
under audio, I think.). I'm also under the impression that
not all songs on the CD were actually in the show --- kind of a
"songs in the style of the show" approach... or something like

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Re: Song at the end of "Life of Brian" episode

Post by worldsapart » Nov 14th 1999, 2:12 am

Oh yeah, the song you're talking about is "Try" by Billy Pilgrim...I found this out by some research at this page.... check it out, it has some good info.

Oh yeah, I verified that it was Billy Pilgrim here...


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Song from "Life Of Brian"

Post by dayshuffler » Feb 3rd 2003, 1:15 am

Does anyone know the name of the song that plays during the very end of "Life Of Brian"?

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Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Feb 3rd 2003, 1:36 am

"Try" by Billy Pilgrim

All the music from the series is listed at ... layout=low
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Post by Guest » Feb 3rd 2003, 2:50 am

Thanks a lot.

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