Everybody's best scene?

General discussion about the nineteen episodes of "My So-Called Life". Note: Our episode guide can be found here.
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Everybody's best scene?

Post by K-man » Jun 20th 2002, 12:59 pm

Since it seems most of the posts here for some time now have been about the DVD's I thought I would try and think of an interesting topic we could all discuss. Since Oldguy has already taken most of them I was wondering what everyone's thoughts were as far as each character's strongest scene. In other words; what single scene do you think was their best work? Here are some of mine.

1.) Angela- I am going to have to go with that scene in The Zit when she tells Patty," I'm ugly......."

2.) Patty- In why Jordan Can't Read when she explains to Angela (and family) about the 'rules' for dating.

3.) RayAnne- In Dancing in the Dark when she approaches Jordan and says,"So...Catalano...Tino says you can get my girlfriend a fake ID".

4.) Jordan- Self Esteem. When he walks down the hall toward Angela at the end. He says "Can we...like go somewhere?". It's not what he says but what he doesn't say while walking.

5.) Brian- The end of In Dreams when he talks with Angela in the street.

6.) Katimski- When he goes looking for Rickie at the Chase house in Resolutions.

I know I missed Graham, Rickie, Danielle and Sharon and more but that's where you all come in. Please respond.

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Re: Everybody's best scene?

Post by just-likeKrakow » Jun 20th 2002, 2:15 pm

I was about ready for another thoughtful discussion about the series! :)

1) Brian - this is one of my favorite scenes of Brian's. Just reading the script doesn't do it justice because his expressions and tone are what made it work so well...

Brian: I didn't lie to her, I just__What difference does it
makes. I can imagine what she did with it.__But
it's just that you lied too. When you said you didn't
know anything about Jordan coming over that
night. Because I thought about it for like fifty
hours. You knew it didn't you. You used me.
Angela: It's not the same.
Brian: Maybe it is because you just did what you wanted.
And you didn't care about what damage it did to
anybody else.
Angela: What damage did it do you?

...Brian has this look of "i wish i could tell you" or "i wish you already knew" on his face after this scene.

2) Rickie - in the last episode when he is talking to Delia and she manages for him to...in a way...admit an important part of himself. i mean...we know Rickie is gay through out the series but it never REALLY gets discussed out loud until this scene and the way Rickie reacts to the admission is great work.

Rickie : No, uh, see I, I try not to, um, no, I, I don't like, uh- [throws
pencil down] Yeah, I'm gay. I just don't usually say it like that.
Delia : How do you usually say it?
Rickie : I don't usually say it. I mean, I've actually never said it...out

3) Angela - OF course my favorite scene of all is the very last scene between Brian and Angela. Both do a great job...Brian, trying to act innocent while obviously being frustrated at the situation and wanting to admit everything AND Angela, who starts off as her usual self...harshly assuming the worst from Brian to the most wonderful expression after she realizes the letter is from him. It's an expression that shows that maybe she is seeing Brian maybe for the first real time. It can't be explained but that look she gives him makes the scene!

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Re: Everybody's best scene?

Post by dTheater » Jun 20th 2002, 11:02 pm

What do you mean? Strongest scene and best work...as far as acting?

- Jim

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best scene

Post by shorty » Jan 6th 2003, 1:28 pm

my best scene definitely has to be in 'Life of Brian' where Jordan backs Angela up against the fence with that 'Release Me' song in the background it's just wicked!
JORDAN: "Why are you like this?"
ANGELA: "like what?"
JORDAN: "like how you are." :o

I also like a some of the scenes where Danielle expresses her true feelings towards Angela. I can really relate to those being 'the little sister'.

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Post by maddymay » Jan 11th 2003, 3:06 am

One of my favortie scenes is at the very end of Betrayal, where Katimski asks Angela to read lines in the play with Rayanne.

Rayanne : [sadly] I can't go on, it goes so fast, we don't have
time to look at one another. I didn't realize. So all
that was going on, and...we never noticed. Take me back.
Back to the hill, to my grave. But first, wait! One last
look. Goodbye. Goodbye, world. Goodbye, Grover's Corners.
Momma and Poppa. Goodbye to clocks ticking. Do any human
beings ever realize life while they live it? Every every minute?
Abyssinia : No. Saints and poets, maybe they do so.
Rayanne : I'm ready to go back.
Angela : [crying, chin trembling] Were you happy?
Rayanne : [sadly] No. I should have listened to you. But that's all
human beings are. Just blind people.
[Rayanne turns and walks away. Angela turns the other way and exits]

I love how real this is, because they both now how it correlates to their situation. I just love this scene, and I think it is one of Rayanne's best.
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Post by RyeBlume » Jan 22nd 2003, 10:12 pm

Right on, Maddy. I think you have definitely pegged Rayanne's best scene.

K-man, I'm not sure if you were thinking of the "best" scene in terms of acting, or just from the amount of emotion that each of us, personally, felt while watching it? But, as far as the best acting scene, here are my thoughts:

Mr. Katimski: I've always loved the scene where he is finally able to convince Rickie to join the drama club in Self Esteem. When he says, "No one should hate... who they are," I just get chills. I also love it when he is at home after talking to Rickie in the phone booth (Resolutions) and he starts turning the light on and off, on and off, and expresses his feelings of guilt that he didn't ask Rickie to come and stay in his apartment.

Angela: So much to choose from for her. I really think that one of her most incredible scenes is during 'So-Called Angels' when she and Patty have "one of those fights where it seems like the fight is having you." Conversely, this is also my favorite scene for Patty. Patty does really well when she is angry.

Brian: The scene in Self Esteem when he gets so angry after dropping off Angela's geometry book. "You have the option of insanity. I do not. And that--makes me crazy!" Also... in "Life of Brian," at the end of the episode when Angela approaches him on the dance floor and he has the inner monologue about her hair smelling like an orange grove. Wow.

Jordan: One of the few instances where we actually see Jordan getting passionate and worked up about something is when Angela goes to his house to apologize in "Pressure." It's one of his worst moments as a character... but as an actor, he does a great job.

Rickie: The scene in 'Guns and Gossip' when he tells Angela the truth about the gun. I also agree about the one in "In Dreams" when he talks to Delia and "admits" that he is gay.

Sharon: The wonderful scene in the Pilot when she seeks an explanation from Angela. "Just tell me what I did!"

Graham: Graham really shines in "Father Figures" more than any other episode that I can think of at the moment. The fight that he has with Patty when he forgets to tell Angela that she can't go to the concert is priceles.

I think I got all the major ones covered.
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Post by TomSpeed » Jan 22nd 2003, 11:07 pm

Picking a favorite scene for me is almost impossible. However, if I'm threatened with toothpicks under my fingers, confiscation of my cigarettes (I know, I know, smoking is bad for me), Rolling Rock (ditto), or MSCL DVDs, or some other diabolical means of torture, I would have to say that the final scene with Angela and Brian in "In Dreams Begin Responsibilites" is my favorite. The mere fact that Brian armor slips and he declares his love for Angela does it for me. I don't need more episodes (although more would have been nice!) to help me imagine that win or lose Angela, Brian has taken his first major step to being a man. I can digress a bit and say that Brian wins Angela's heart. It might not have happened in the next episode or season. But, I'm confident that it would happen eventually. I like Jordan in a "hey, he's cool" kind of way, but I don't think Jordan wins in the end.

Patty: If Rayanne's not seeing you, and we're not seeing you, who is seeing you?
Graham: And how much of you?
Angela: Dad!
Graham: Oh, I'm sorry! I asked a question about your life, didn't I? Woah, what came over me?


Post by Guest » May 14th 2003, 3:02 am

Rayanne and Angela at the end of the "Betrayal"
Jordan and Angela in the hallway when he says:"I have all these dreams where I know exactly what to say..and you tell me, you know, that you forgive me."
Patty and Angela in "So-Called Angels" when Angela says "That girl, she could be me", and Patty says"she couldn't be you", you can see that she is really teriffied by that possibility.
In "Self esteem" in the boiler room when Angela says to Jordan"By the way, I spell my name with one L", he totally had that coming


Post by Guest » Jun 10th 2003, 5:32 am

Totally agree with all the scenes you listed above in terms of good acting and whatnot.

But if we're going on the feelings they evoke, a scene I just rewind and rewind is where Jordan has gone to Angela's house in "Pressure"- and Patty says about '...you like this Jordan'.

Angela is just dying of embarassment and he's all like 'So you like me? Even your Mother says you like me'.

Too damn cute! I think that is one of the sweetest scenes between them!

Other than that I love it when he steps up to her at the fence with that blatantly sexual look on his face in "Life of Brian".

And of course who can forget when he takes her hand in "Self-Esteem". I love all those scenes cos they make me feel like a schoolgirl with a crush again!

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Post by FuzzyFreaky » Jun 17th 2003, 10:48 am

My favourite scene is in Resolutions when Rickie shows up at Mr. Katimski's doorstep and delivers that heart wrenching line "it just got so hard to be alone" the acting coupled with that line makes me sob a little and then I watch Halloween and my happiness returns. :)
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Post by The Talented Krakow » Jun 24th 2003, 10:22 am

My favourite Jordan scene is when he asks what "ironic" means, that made me laugh really hard.

Favourite Graham scene is in Father Figures, when he imagines Brian saying "Well, I'd, I'd like to help you sir, but I'm too busy picturing your daughter naked."

Favourite Angela scene: hell, I don't know, there are so many..

Favourite Danielle scene: in Weekend: "It's truly amazing. I have the power to be invisible."

Favourite Ricky scene: when he's acting like mr. Katimsky while Katimsky is looking

Brian: most of his scenes in "Life of Brian"

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Post by lithiumkat » Jul 20th 2003, 4:47 am

god, this is like such a hard thing to decide, i mean there are definitely defining moments for each charachter for me, but i dont know that i could pick just one, but i will mention some of my favorites, although a lot of them are the same ones that have been mentioned.

i definitely think that angelas best scenes are probably:

the scene with patty in the zit, about being ugly vs being beautiful, always makes me cry, i guess because i remember "ugly" debates with my own mother.

the scene with rayanne when she gets stuck doing some of the lines from that play, i remember finding that to be such a strong scene even before i got the dvd set, clear back when i was like way younger and watched the shows on mtv, that scene had always stuck with me, another one that makes me cry, though there are so many, when something makes me cry, that means its good, thats one of my easy ways to judge a scene from something or a song or a movie. so mscl is a shoe in.

the scene where rayanne has to have her stomach pumped and when rickie says "i dont know what to do!" and angela says "i do" and the phone rings at her house and when her mom is handed the phone and responds and angela is so scared and she just says "mommy i need you"

the scene with brian, about the letter, definitely, i always thought that they almost seemed on the verge of kissing right before jordan appears.

angelas reaction when she is talking to rickie in betrayal and rickie tells her "because it's true" and then her reaction when rayanne tries to explain. also the scene where her and brian yell at each other when she goes to get the tape and brian shows how much he really cares about her just by saying how she "shouldnt see it, it'll just make you feel worse"

in the pilot where she comes to her mothers room says shes sorry about her hair and everything. cries, and falls into her moms arms.

the scene where she stands up for herself with jordan, and the pen. lol.

this is kind of rayanne/rickie/angela: at the end of on the wagon, where rayanne takes that first drink again after being straight for so long, the looks on rickie and angelas face, just shatters my heart, especially the look on rickies face, and the music they pair with that scene, breaks my heart every time!

with rickie in the bathroom in betrayal, i need to be alone, i mean like for years. i could kill them both of them i'm serious like with my hands. i cant talk about them like as a them. and rickie always the voice of reason.

rickies best scenes.

again, as someone else stated, the scene with delia where he finally admits that he is gay even though he pretty much knew it all along.

with mr katimski when he talks to him on the payphone and then when he shows up on his doorstep.

hearing him on the payphone in the hallway trying to call him family and when he says "people don't do that...do they?" and he just sounds so helpless i mean you can just feel the emotion in his voice there.

the scenes in the angels episode with angela, when she tries to help him and he says he cant talk about it with her, and then again the same episode when him and patty kind of form a bond at the church.

brians best scenes:

scene stated above with angela involving the letter...and the part where he is writing the letter.

the scene with angela in the computer lab about the rumor about jordan and angela and then also about angela knowing jordan was coming over and "what damage did it do to you?" that was so heartwrenching.

a funny favorite brian moment is always where he says "i have to ask delia fisher to the dance, i HAVE TO and i'll do it NOW on the count of three...one...two...three SPEAKKK!" god that cracks me up!


scene mentioned above with angela at rehearsal.

scene with angela after her failed performance in on the wagon when her and angela have their heart to heart and angela states "i'm still your friend. nothing's changed"

the scene where she almost dies and has to get her stomach pumped. and then in a later episode where she tells patty "hey patty, thanks....for like...my life."

realizing how bad she screwed up in betrayal after she gets the part and habitually hollers "angela hey!" and angela gives her a cold look and walks off and that heart wrenching music plays and rayanne walks off alone.

her conversation with rickie about things "not being okay" after her failed performance in on the wagon.


scene with angela in the bathroom in pilot episode when they realize they have drifted apart and she asks angela what she did, they both cry and kind of part ways.

when her and angela make up after her dad has a heart attack and they both say they miss each other and cry and "squeeze my hand as hard as it hurts"

in the bathroom in betrayal talking to rayanne, heatedly about NOT being happy about what rayanne did telling her that she brought things on herself here and that she wasnt happy she did because someone she cares about got hurt.

the conversation with brian where they are both talking about different things jordan/kyle and the whole "it is definitely wrong to USE someone" that always cracks me up, along with the ricky/brian convo where one is talking about angela and the other about mr katimski those like parallel conversations always amuse me.


while this is not profound or whatever i just think the most memorable thing with graham for me is because it is so funny, when mr katimski comes over and makes patty cry and graham says cluelessly "who are you?!?!" lol that makes me laugh every single time.


her BEST scene in my opinion is with the 'angel' in the angels episode, that whole scene and i get goosebumps literally every time she asks "how did you die" i just absolutely get chills.

again the scene with angela about being ugly.

with rayanne after betrayal "you wanna come in" "in there?" "yuh" lol the way she says yeah lol so great, and then how she refrains from telling camille what happened with rayanne although i'm still unsure whether it is out of understanding and respect for rayanne or not wanting to dig up old hurt between her and camille seeing as what happened similarly in their past.

the scene with graham, where she throws the cinderella, and he says dance with me and she cries and says i dont know how.

the scene in weekend. where they are in the mountains or whatever and she is drunk off her ass rofl, that is like the funniest episode.

talking to angela and danielle about tony poole and thats not who i chose to make my life with, i chose your father.

when she stands up to her father in the episode where they get audited.

and the famous "why do i always have to be the MEAN one?" speech with graham.


i'll agree on the fact that as a charachter, in pressure when angela goes to talk to him his reaction just makes you hATE HIM but it is a very amazing scene, like wonderfully emotional scene, i mean those scenes where you just FEEL it. similarly in the scene where angela goes over to him at the club for buffalo tom and he says "you're kinda crowding me" and then that look on angelas face.

when he grabs angelas hand in the hallway for that first time.

when he sings in on the wagon, i rewind that scene like A LOT.

again as someone else mentions when he says "i have all these dreams where i know just what to say, and you forgive me" because those are HIS WORDS that time...not brians.

there are SOOO many more amazing scenes, but i'm through racking my brain with them for the moment, i'll just add more later.
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Angela vs. Dad

Post by emilynn » Jul 21st 2003, 10:12 pm

Angela had too many great scenes but one really subtle one that I loved was when Graham gave her and Rayanne the "Dead tickets." While Rayanne is gleefully celebrating the gift, Angela's facial expressions could barely contain her hatred for her father at that moment. It's as if she can see right through the seemingly kind gesture and only sees it as a cheap attempt to get her to like him again. She turns her back to him while making some of the faces, letting the camera in on a really funny moment.

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Post by KrokRos » Jul 24th 2003, 1:46 pm

I love the scene outside the dance with Jordan leaning over Angela. I think that#s my favorite scene. It always gave me butterflies.
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Post by jellybean » Jul 29th 2003, 10:51 am

So many to choose from,

Angela's "best" scenes, for me anyway,

"Guns and gossip" when she's taking to Ms Krzyzanowski,
I just think people wanna believe things about people so they decide certain things are true[almost in tears] and they don't even ask. And it's not fair. Cause you have to live with it anyway.

"Pressure" at the end when she's riding her bike,
People always say you should be yourself, like yourself is this definite thing, like a toaster, or something. Like you can know what it is, even. But every so often, I'll have like -- a moment, where just being myself, in my life right where I am is, like, enough

These are just the scenes that stick in my head, and I'm sure there's some scenes that I can't specifically remember, but WHAT A SHOW!!!!!!!
I suppose I'm just going to have to watch them all over again :wink:

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