Some of my favorite scenes

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Some of my favorite scenes

Post by Guest » Jun 15th 2002, 11:09 am

I love this series. It's a very realistic depiction of high school life. It only ran for one season. I've seen all the episodes, and here are some of my favorite memories of the show:

Lindsay's parents go out of town, so Lindsay decides to have a beer party. Her borther Sam, and his friends Bill and Neal, switch the real beer for non-alcoholic beer. But the people at the party act like they're drunk anyway. Bill ends up drinking the real beer, and gets really drunk.

Neal finds out that his father is cheating on his mother when he sees his father's car in another woman's garage. That was really powerful.

Bill wakes up one morning, and walks into the kitchen. He sees his gym teacher in the kitchen with his mom, and realizes that the two of them had spent the night together. And then he sees his gym teacher drinking out of the mug that says "Bill" on it. That was very powerful.

Sam had this huge crush on Cindy for years. But when Sam finally got to go out with Cindy, she became really bossy and mean, and so he ended up breaking up with her.

One day Bill heard Cindy fart, but Cindy blamed it on the chair. But when Bill tried to get the chair to make a farting noise, he couldn't do it.

I remember the one where they showed how bad it felt to be picked last in gym class.

I remember when Mr. Rosso told Lindsay that he had herpes.

Well, those are a few of my favorite scenes from this series. But there are many others, too.


Re: Some of my favorite scenes

Post by Guest » Jun 15th 2002, 2:05 pm

get a life kid.

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Re: Some of my favorite scenes

Post by KrokRos » Jun 16th 2002, 4:17 am

The series you're talking about is not MSCL. It's called Freaks and Geeks.

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Re: Some of my favorite scenes

Post by dTheater » Jun 16th 2002, 4:00 pm

That post was very powerful.

- Jim

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Re: Some of my favorite scenes

Post by just-likeKrakow » Jun 17th 2002, 8:13 am

though i liked Freaks and Geeks....i don't think it even compares to MSCL. IT just can't.

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