MSCL cast reunited in Our Town (2000)

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MSCL cast reunited in Our Town (2000)

Post by Guest » May 15th 2002, 8:27 pm

Sorry if this is old news, maybe I've been living under a rock, but I read this at a Claire Danes message board:

I saw her in a staged reading of Our Town here in L.A. back in November and she looked AMAZING. In person, she seems to still embody her Angela Chase beauty, as a lot of her appeal, imo, is in her presense. She played the role of Emily ("she's so sweet and innocent!"), and did a fantastic job. She even cried at the end, when she sobbed, "Wait, one more look..." and sobbed even harder when she replied to "Were you happy?" with "No, I should have listened to you." Devon Gummersall played the boy next door and Tom Irwin played her father. The play was staged by Bess Armstrong. Claire's still got it.

It was at the All Saint's Episcopal Church in Beverly Hills on Nov. 18 '00. It was free of charge and all donations and offerings went toward a homeless shelter. From what I was told, Bess Armstrong asked Claire if she'd like to play the part of Emily Webb, and she said she'd love to under one condition: she got her parent's approval. They signed off, so she flew in from New Haven a day before the staged reading. Devon Odessa sat two rows in front of me and A.J. Langer may or may not have been sitting in the front row, I didn't get a clear look. Obviously I need to get my A.J.R. (A.J. Radar) fixed.

When it was over, Claire, trademark "I keep thinking of that same joke" smile on her face, waved, then walked off.

My friend is a member of All Saints, and his wife works closely with Bess Armstrong, who's an active member there. Apparently, Ms. Armstrong had been searching for the perfect Emily, when someone suggested Claire (must've been that "She's so innocent, she, like, doesn't know she's innocent?" thing she's got going on. )). Odd as it seems, Claire still seeks her parent's input on these things. Chris and Carla Danes were there, as well, sitting with Devon Odessa; they all seemed like family. Paul Dooley (Mr. Winnie Holzman) played the role of the Stage Manager ("Were you happy?").

How Surreal Was It? Dept.:

It was like an xtasy flashback watching Tom Irwin reprise his role as her father, and Devon Gummersal revisit the smitten boy next door. Gummersal played George Gibbs, the kid across the street who grows up with Emily, falls in love with her, and marries her. During their courtship scene, I whispered to my friend, "Isn't it cool to finally see Brian nail Angela?" ) At the end of their marriage scene, Claire and Devon walked off the stage hand in hand, giggling and chummy. In the wings, I could see them whispering, catching up with each other after all these years. They were happy to see each other, that was so obvious. Someone told me Jared Leto was spied at the cast party afterward, but I didn't see him during the performance. (November 2000)

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Re: MSCL Cast reunited in "Our Town" play

Post by dTheater » May 16th 2002, 1:32 am

I've never heard anything about this. Although it was a long time ago, maybe I just skipped over it. But if it did happen - no reason to believe it didn't - it certainly rules.

- Jim

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Re: MSCL Cast reunited in "Our Town" play

Post by Lacy » May 20th 2002, 5:29 pm

I haven't heard of this. It sounds really cool. I wish I could have seen it.

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