What's next for MSCL alums?

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What's next for MSCL alums?

Post by oldguy » May 16th 2002, 2:04 pm

Two shows ("Roswell" and "Once and Again") created by MSCL alums are currently biting the dust. I just watched the Roswell series finale... It never quite lived up to its potential, but the show reminded me a lot of MSCL.

I wonder what Jason Katims and the Bedford Falls folks are going to do next(?). Anyone know anything?

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Re: What's next for MSCL alums?

Post by K-man » May 16th 2002, 4:39 pm

There is a post somewhere on this board that is titled 'Once and Again' I think and I reported there a few weeks ago a story I read on Yahoo news that stated the exec's at ABC were none too thrilled with the new crop of pilots for next Fall and they contacted the 'Once and Again' creators and told them to "Not tear down the sets and keep the cast on hold". At that time, it sounded like it may be back in the Fall. Not sure what has happened since.

So my feeling is, whatever happens, happens. K-man

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Re: What's next for MSCL alums?

Post by Sascha » May 16th 2002, 5:04 pm

"Once & Again" is now finally and officially cancelled (the rumors about ABC's bad fall lineup were not true :-(( ), so Edward Zwick will move on to produce his next movie ("The last Samurai"). As far as I know, there are no new Bedford Fall TV productions coming this fall on US TV. Maybe in Fall 2003, who knows...

But on related news, Bess Armstrong is starring in the new ABC fall series "That was Then" (Fridays at 8). Devon Gummersall was in talks for a new ABC show "Homeward Bound" starring Lindsay Sloane, but after the pilot was shot, the show wasn't picked up by ABC for fall 2002. Maybe midseason.
But he can be seen in the new movie "The anachrist cookbook" which will premiere at the Seattle Film festival in June. Check http://www.anarchymovie.com for details.

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