What do you think they would be doing now?

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What do you think they would be doing now?

Post by BuffaloLawnmower » Nov 19th 2011, 5:30 pm

What do you think that the characters would be doing now? (And I mean at the age that they would be now). Not what you *want* them to be doing, but what you could really *see* them doing.

Graham: successfully running his restaurant, still with Patty; will have more confidence in himself

Patty: still running her business and already filling up her post-retirement schedule, still with Graham; will have more confidence in Graham

Angela: will have gone to college and earned a degree (I can see her doing political science, journalism, or literature); would probably be involved with a few causes but nothing *too* crazy or "out there"--involved, but in a more low-key or mainstream way; may forgive Rayanne at some point but the relationship will have changed permanently. I don't see her with Brian or Jordan romantically (in the long run/permanently; I don't think that it would work with either one for a long-term relationship and definitely not for marriage), but I do think that she would have stayed friends with them as well as Rickie and Sharon.

Rayanne: being involved in theater/acting; may become friends with Angela again but it wouldn't be the same as before; perhaps with Sharon's friendship she will have learned how to be a good friend and will have met other friends. If she takes the 'better road', I think that she will always be Rayanne, but will express herself in healthier ways. If she takes the lower road, she could descend further into alcoholism and drug addiction. I think, though, that under Sharon's influence, she would be allowed to be herself but would learn to be a little more stable and to be an interesting person without being as self-destructive. She'll always be attention-seeking/thrill-seeking, but with Sharon as a friend, she would do this in healthier ways.

Rickie: being a social worker or guidance counselor; will probably have experienced a few meaningful relationships and will finally experience the love that he's been seeking; I can see him mentoring teens or being a member of Big Brothers, Big Sisters. He could end up teaching drama, too. Whatever he ended up doing, he'd be helping other people and would be encouraging people to love and accept who they are.

Brian: He probably would have a very 'stable' career doing something with science or engineering or something very "left-brained", but would probably have a secret career/second job/weekend gig doing something creative on the side. I could see him becoming friends with Angela and perhaps slowly, over time, letting go of her: even if he never really stops loving her, I think that he'd come to a point where they were really and truly friends and would at least accept that it's not going to work with them. I could also see him either being an art critic/photography critic, doing something photojournalism, or even just having a photography blog, given his knack for words and love of photography. If he doesn't end up with Rayanne, I could see him finding an 'artsy' kind of girl who would be a good match for him: intelligent, creative, and who would encourage him to let loose once in awhile and who would be his muse/inspire him in his creative expression.

Jordan: It depends. I don't see him going to a traditional college, but I could see him succeeding in a vocational school if he would continue working hard and would continue to get help with his reading issues. I could see him doing something mechanical and he could end up with a decent job, if he remained focused and motivated. He might play in his band on weekends.

Sharon: she would eventually become a boss/manager/some authority figure. She would be driven and motivated. She probably would have a busy life outside of work that involved volunteering. I can see Rayanne and her becoming very good friends and perhaps they would be well-suited to each other: Rayanne can get Sharon to let loose and have fun/to take breaks from her responsibilities when need be and Sharon can help Rayanne become more stable, more grounded, and less self-destructive.


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Re: What do you think they would be doing now?

Post by Mutajon » Jan 24th 2012, 7:22 am

That's a great idea for a thread :-)

"Too bad" I think you pretty much nailed it, and I don't have anything meaningful to add, except maybe that I personally think Rickie could also have become a professional dancer in some dancing ensemble.
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Re: What do you think they would be doing now?

Post by Brunkster » Mar 21st 2012, 2:36 pm

Excellent thread and bravo for your well reasoned suppositions of what our cast of heroes would be doing now. I found myself suddenly envisioning a reunion special and wondering how the characters would be portrayed. Mind you, I don't think there should be a reunion special but I am still curious as to what it might contain.

Here is what I came up with in 90 seconds:

The setting: Angela's wedding. . .but not to anyone in the cast.

The characters:

Angela - All grown up, of course. Much more confident in herself and what she wants out of life. Marrying a guy who she loves madly and who is madly in love with her for all of the right reasons. Established in a career she cares a lot about but is not particularly lucrative. Seeing Brian and Jordan at the wedding we hear her somewhat humorous musings of her awkward interactions with them back in high school. She is elated to see them and she realizes just how formative those years were.

Brian - All grown up, of course. Still awkward but has now embraced his inner (and outer) geek and cares a little bit less about fitting in. Married. Is totally over Angela but we learn that it took four years of college and his first year at MIT to get there. Has grown to respect Angela more than simply adore her. As Angela says, "I do" he puts his arm around his wife and with misty eyes counts his blessings. Sees Rayanne across the room and reminds himself to burn that tape.

Jordan - All grown up, of course. Although he seemed rather grown up already with his car and all. Has defied all expectations by not becoming a ski lift operator - he is a mechanic and we catch a glimpse of Red in the background. Got married, had a kid and got divorced. Not in that order. Sees Angela and still thinks she is hot. Finds it "ironic" that she is marrying someone named Jordan. Looks uncomfortable yet dashing in a suit. Makes an early exit from the reception at Graham's restaurant with a woman he met there.

Rayanne - All grown up, of course. Got married to Tino who, shockingly, could not make it to the wedding due to military deployment. Still a wild child and a free spirit despite not wanting to turn out like her mother. Cannot believe that Angelika is getting married. They are BFF's on Facebook but otherwise doesn't see her much unless Rickie is in town.

Sharon - All grown up, of course. Although she seemed rather grown up with her endowments and all. Went to college, joined a sorority and married a fraternity guy she met at the "Save Darfur" mixer. Still lives in Three Rivers and is a stay at home mom. Hubby is a successful member of the largest law firm in town. Is thankful that Angela did not choose an "Under the Sea" themed wedding. Has an smidgeon of a crush on the groom.

Rickie - All grown up, of course. Although he had to grow up faster than anyone else. Found a safe space in college that allowed him to be himself without fear. Now a graphic designer. Is accosted by Sharon who asks him to work on a promotional piece for a local charity. Stays in close touch with Angela and Rayanne but they aren't really a trio these days. Attends the wedding with his partner, Enrique.

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Re: What do you think they would be doing now?

Post by Superjesus » Nov 7th 2012, 8:56 am

Hmmmm. I'm borrowing from the girlfriend's fan fiction and adding my own twists to it. This is 15 years down the line.

Angela and Jordan would have dated for a few years - maybe even until she graduated from high school - but I don't think it would have gone much further. Once it ended, Angela would have gone away to college and probably met a guy there - I see him as being some combination of Jordan and Brian. More articulate and scholarly than Catalano but still a little edgy. I can't see her ending up with a Brian type. As for career...who knows. I can imagine her being a journalist better than almost anything, but even that doesn't seem to totally fit. I don't see her as a mother - not at this stage.

Jordan would probably still be back in Three Rivers. Like most people I see him becoming a mechanic - he has the passion and one would imagine the skills for it since he seems to spend a lot of time working on Red. (Side note - how would a 16/17 year old guy, even in the 90s, who wasn't exactly from a rich family been able to afford a car like that?) I can't imagine him being married, but I can see him with a kid or two and being a good dad when he spends time with them. He's basically happy - he has his job, his kids, he still plays with the band in his spare time (they moved to New York for a couple years after graduation, but failed to break the big time and eventually returned hime) and he hangs out at Tino's pub a few times a week.

Brian would have eventually accepted that he and Angela were not to be and fully thrown himself into his schoolwork and eventually ended up at Caltech, however somewhere along the way he would have a breakdown, take some time off and eventually become a doctor rather than a computer whiz. This turned out to be a good decision for him - at 30 he's a cardiac surgeon, married and about to have his first child. His wife would be similar in personality to Angela but a polar opposite in looks. It took several years but after he got himself back together and went to med school he and Angela eventually reconnected and managed to establish a friendship, although they don't see each other much - somehow I imagine adult Brian living in California and adult Angela living somewhere other than Three RIvers.

Sharon too would be alright. I can't see her being married by this stage - I imagine adult Cherski to be very much a career woman. A young up and coming executive of some kind, probably similar to her father in some way.

Rickie would have had his struggles, but eventually would have remained at Mr Katimski's place until he graduated. Katimski would have wanted him to go to college but Rickie chose to pursue his passion. He's a make up artist in New York for Broadway plays and very successful at it. While he doesn't see his old school friends much he makes time for all of them when they're in New York City.

Unfortunately I don't imagine much good for Rayanne. She would have tried to kick her demons but waged a perpetual war with them all through school. She and Rickie would have made plans to move to NYC together to make it on Broadway - her as a performer, him as a make up artist - but the night after graduation there would have been a big party somewhere, she would have gotten behind the wheel drunk and crashed her car and died. (My girlfriend's fanfiction has the old gang returning to Three Rivers 15 years after Rayanne's funeral).

Finally, Graham and Patty would eventually have broken up - probably after Angela had gone off to college and Danielle was at least old enough to understand. I can see Graham passing on Hallie Lowenthal's advances out of respect to Patty and his family, but from that point their relationship would not have been the same and Patty would have realised it. Eventually Graham would have gotten tired of Patty being Patty even after she knew all was not well and left. However they both did it amicably and both Angela and Danielle would still have decent relationships with both their parents.

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Re: What do you think they would be doing now?

Post by Mutajon » Nov 10th 2012, 6:08 am

That was a very nice read superjesus. Thanks for taking the time to write it :)
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