MSCL/Claire Danes on Jeopardy

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MSCL/Claire Danes on Jeopardy

Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Mar 18th 2011, 6:13 am

Category: celebrity marriages
Answer: Her "So-Called Life" is with her husband, British actor, Hugh Dancy
Show #6108 (aired 3/16/11)

It was actually a pretty amusing show because at the end of the double jeopardy round, one contestant had $29,200 and the other two contestants were in the red (-$3,600 and -$1,400) so he was the only one to compete in final jeopardy.

I forgot to post about this last year, but MSCL was an answer in another episode!
Category: TV adjectives
Answer: Starring Claire Danes: "My ____ Life"
Show #5961 (aired 7/12/2010)

There was a few more MSCL references a few years ago but I didn't actually see all of them. I get excited whenever there's a MSCL reference though!

Category: Which show came first?
Answer: "My So-called Life," "My Mother the Car," "My Sister Sam"
Show #4621 (aired 10/11/04)

Category: Thursday night TV
Answer: In the '90s show "My So-Called Life," Claire Danes' Angela pined for this boy played by Jared Leto
Show #4267 (aired 3/4/03)

Category: Mustn't See TV
Answer: Teens & critics protested when ABC dropped this low-rated Claire Danes series midseason
Show #3926 (aired 10/1/01)

Category: TV characters
Answer: Angela Chase, Brian Krakow, Jordan Catalano
Show #3386 (aired 5/3/99)

Category: TV friends
Answer: Claire Danes & A.J. Langer played teenage friends Angela & Rayanne on this acclaimed series
Show #3038 (aired 11/12/97)

Category: On "My" TV
Answer: Claire Danes won high acclaim for this low-rated 1994 series
Show #2953 (aired 6/4/97)

Category: Shakespearean actors
Answer: At 15 she won a Golden Globe for "My So-Called Life"; at 16 she played Leonardo DiCaprio's Juliet
Show #2873 (aired 2/12/97)

Category: Actors & actresses
Answer: Her "so-called life" includes the role of Beth in the 1994 film "Little Women"
Show #2622 (aired 1/16/96)
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