Liberty High 5-year reunion

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Liberty High 5-year reunion

Post by Brainiac » Apr 17th 2002, 9:52 am

Hi everybody, I'm new to this site, but have absolutely fallen in love with it! I have another sort of poll-question. I was also a sophomore in high school at the time 'My So-Called Life' was on the air, so they would've been the class of 1997, which means that 2002 would have been their 5-year reunion. If the series had continued, where do you think the characters would be now? What would they be doing and how would their relationships be structured in regards to each other?
(these are sort of my initial guesses; I'm really curious to know what other people think)
Angela: starting her first job as a writer, perhaps a journalist, after graduating from college.
Brian: after graduating valedictorian from Liberty High and summa cum laude from his university, he'd be starting his first year of grad school getting his PhD, either in some science or clinical psychology. Or he could have gone the other way and taken up photography and/or film as a career.
Rayanne: struggling through detox (not to be mean) and possibly an acting/singing career after high school.
Rickie: Secure with his new family, they would've put him through college and he'd have pursued a theatre-related job
Jordan: Having completed high school, he'd be holding down a day job at an auto-body repair shop and still trying to launch the band
Sharon: After her being editor of yearbook and the school newspaper and student body president, Sharon would have continued on the same overachieving path in college. Married. Definitely a post-college newlywed.
Patty: still at Wood & Jones
Graham: managing his flourishing restaurant with Hallie
Danielle: first year in college, having gone through teenage angst similar to Angela's ;-)
anybody else y'all are curious to know about?

I think that they'd all still be friends -- not exactly in the same way as they were in high school, of course. Brian and Angela would have gone out, at least some in high school and possibly through part of college, but would also have dated other people. Angela would still sort of be interested in Jordan in a nostalgic, long-lost love sort of way. Of course all the issues from the past would resurface, as they tend to do at high school reunions!

I wish they could do a MSCL reunion just to show us how everybody turned out, but I guess that's not likely :-( *sigh* Love the show, love the site, and looking forward to people's responses!

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Re: Liberty High 5-year reunion

Post by K-man » Apr 17th 2002, 2:05 pm

Hello Braniac,
Welcome to the Forum/site! I really don't have a response to the 5 year reunion question but I did notice you mentioned in another post you hadn't seen all 19 episodes in their entirety. Are you signed up yet for the DVD's? I hope so. Just to think...a Lifer who is still waiting to see some of the shows. How exciting. You mentioned you haven't seen "In Dreams". You won't be disappointed I'll bet. If you haven't gone to and put down a deposit yet, Go, Now, Go!!!!!!

So my feeling is, whatever happens, happens.

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