What else changed our lives?

If you want to share some events in your life or thoughts about life in general with other MSCL fans or if you just want post a rant to let some steam off - this is the place.
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Post by socalledfan » Sep 26th 2002, 12:59 pm


What a great story! I'm glad everything worked out for you. The ex-girlfriend wasn't the one you were supposed to be with...because Lori was waiting for you! :)

Strawberry and Megs,

I grew up in the same town as my hubby too!!! Here's the story...it's a good one that I can't wait to tell my kids/grandkids someday. :wink:

He's three years older than me...when I was a freshman in high school, he was a senior. I had this enormous, Jordan Catalano-sized crush on him...and he didn't know I existed. He was just this beautiful senior guy that killed me, you know? I could barely look at him! He was quiet and mysterious too.

So...life goes on...he graduates...I move on and date people, get my heartbroken, etc. Six years later I'm at college and I see him in a bar. He walked in with a mutual friend of ours, a guy who I grew up with. I could barely move when I saw him...but we actually started talking and boom....just like that, there were sparks. He called me at home later that night, and we have been together ever since.

:D Moral of the story? He really was worth waiting for. And we were meant to be together. I knew it before he did. Fate helped me get him.

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Post by Megs » Sep 26th 2002, 2:29 pm

pgh_kenny wrote:
I have some great memories of Penn State. Do you remember the retired physics professor who decided that once a week he'd smoke a marijuanna joint at the main gate to the university to make a point about his political beliefs? I remember the summer art's festival - and the summer art's festival riot. I used to enjoy having dinner at the Allen Street Grill - that's where I'd always go if I had a few extra dollars laying around. Oh I feel so old!
I remember that professor! I watched some of those protests for fun. That was the best! I was there during the riot during Arts Fest. Heh. I can't believe it. My husband (then boyfriend) lived at Park Place on S. Burrowes St (where I always was! LOL) and I lived at Cedarcrest on Beaver. Too funny.
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Post by Megs » Sep 26th 2002, 2:32 pm

StrawberryGirl wrote: Isn't it awesome, marrying someone who basically has the same life as you? I mean, as far as knowing the same places, the same schools, same memories. It's the best. :)
It is the best. It is so cool to say, "Remember that gym teacher from middle school?" It is amazing, I can't even put words to it. We have the same memories of the same things, but from different viewpoints. If that makes any sense.

I always make fun of him, b/c he was the cool jock in high school, and I was just a lowly outcast, so I say that he was too cool to talk to me then. I hate it when he runs into some people from high school, b/c no one ever remembers me! Not that I wish they would. :wink:
"I have all these dreams where I know exactly what to say. And you tell me, you know, that you forgive me."

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Post by pgh kenny » Sep 26th 2002, 2:48 pm

Megs wrote:
I remember that professor! I watched some of those protests for fun. That was the best! I was there during the riot during Arts Fest. Heh. I can't believe it. My husband (then boyfriend) lived at Park Place on S. Burrowes St (where I always was! LOL) and I lived at Cedarcrest on Beaver. Too funny.
It's amazing how many people we pass by in our lifetimes but never meet. We probably watched one of those protests at the same time. It was right next to my academic bldg, so I usually made a point of checking them out. It's cool that you can share different memories of the same things with your husband.

I am very much enjoying the posts in this thread, thanks everyone.

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Post by K-man » Sep 27th 2002, 10:05 pm

It is interesting to me that Debs mentioned her best friend moving away as life changing. I hadn't thought about that happening to me since I don't know when but I went through that as well. Except in my case is was my best friend and 'best-friend-A'. Yeah, their Dad's both worked for the same co. and were transferred to the middle of Kansas at the end of our first year in junior-high. Unlike Debs though I never made that re-connect. You see; best-friend A kinda faded into the scenery but my best friend was killed in a car/train accident while a Freshman at KU. On my birthday of all things. And since we're getting deep here on what changed us, and following the thread of losing best friends my older brother/best friend of all time/hero was killed in a car accident when he was 21. I was 20. It was the 4th of July so like Debs dealing with 9/11, I don't do a lot of celebrating Independance Day. I don't (never will) have kids so I can't really relate when people say things like "Losing a child....that's the worst" but one thing I know for sure.....THAT is a scar on a family that NEVER heals! I suppose 15 years later I have dealt and coped but it is just really sad watching the wear and tear on my parents over that time. I don't think they will ever be whole. I make it a point to try and say positive things when I come here I guess I just am not having a good day and I am sorry If i bum anyone out from this. Unfortunately; I don't have that happy ending to leave you with. So I'll just leave you. There are some great posts here though. Thank you all for sharing.
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Post by Debs » Sep 28th 2002, 6:27 am

Hi K-man,

I'm so very sorry to hear about the losses in your life. This is a great board and yes, a place I like to retreat to. I certainly meant no harm in posting my feelings and didn't intentionally turn this into a thread of sadness. I wanted to contribute, and like SCF, I feel better when I share. However, my personal 'tragedies' are nothing compared to some of the heartache that goes on in the world and when I let my crap get the better of me, it comes with a side-dish of guilt too.

One thing we do have in common - I'm never having kids either! Partly because I've never had that "thing" which makes people want to have them and partly because I just don't want to carry on my family name. There are far too many people in the world as it is - it's not like I need to do vital procreating! And say, if I ever do get that "thing", I'd much rather adopt. I think that would bring me a greater sense of satisfaction (if that's the right word to use).

Again, sorry for stirring up bad memories. I wish you great happiness K-man.

Deb xx
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Post by TomSpeed » Mar 2nd 2003, 2:46 am

Things that changed my life, what a great subject. I'm going to list a few in no particular order.

Graduating from college -- I actually didn't think I would graduate when I did. I took a required math course for the second time around after failing it the first time. I would have failed it again -- I hate math -- but the professor had mercy on me.

Meeting Jennifer -- I guess you could say that I've only had one true love, whatever that is.

Breaking up with Jennifer -- Death of true love.

Taking an acting class in college -- Taking this class did wonders for me. It really brought me out of my shell.

Having a professor tell me I could write well -- During a creative writing seminar, the professor said he liked my work and that I had talent. Of course, I've pretty much wasted a lot of time in using it. Doing my fan fiction piece is a way for me to find that talent again. What he said meant a lot to me.

Taking a film class in college -- Not only did I get to see some really great movies, I wrote a comparision paper on the film and book version of Raymond Chandler's The Big Sleep. That might not seem like much, but it opened my eyes to the relationship between writing and film.

Getting my stock broker job -- Well, I'm still at it. I guess what makes getting the job stand out for me is the great, mind-numbing sex I had with Jennifer to celebrate getting the job. I haven't had that kind of sex since then. Wow, she gets three entries!

My dad and brother dying -- Too painful to really go into.

Seeing Star Wars for the first time -- Man, was that a great movie, or what?

Oh well, that's all I can come up with off the top of my head.

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Post by SanDeE* » Mar 2nd 2003, 2:40 pm

Wow. Everyone has such interesting, heartwarming (and heartbreaking) stories here. I'm only twenty, but here's my list of things that changed my life in no order:

~My two best friends, Peter and Tommy, moving away. They didn't move far, but still they left our elementary school on the downtown east side of Madison. Peter moved to Lodi, WI, about 45 minutes away. (That's far when you're only nine!) Tommy moved to the far east side of Madison the next year. I wonder how it would have been if they stayed and we all went to the same HS? Anyway, we all still keep in touch and they are still two of my very best friends.

~My HS experience. I did not enjoy much of HS. There are about four or five teachers that really impacted me, but for most of it I was miserable. My band director introduced me to music composition, which I know I have to do for the rest of my life. Which brings me to...

~Composing music. Currently I'm a music comp major at a conservatory. I am loving almost every minute of it, except when I get a little writer's block! I can't possibly imagine doing anything else. Composing is the most challenging and fulfilling thing I have in my life. And what a perfect outlet for my emotions and events in my life! It's a very personal and theraputic (sp?) process for me.

~Getting my heart broken and breaking someone else's heart. I was dumped in 2000 by a boyfriend of a little more than 3 years when I was a junior in HS. I'm not prone to depression, but wow the pain that I felt. I wrote a song about it (see above), recorded it, and gave it to him. I recently dumped my boyfriend of the last 2.5 years. When I was dumped, I thought I was in the most possible pain a person could ever feel. Now that I have dumped someone, I know that I am NOW feeling the worst possible pain. Breaking someone's heart hurts thousands of times more than getting your heart broken. Which leads me to...

~Being single for the first time since 1995 (right before I turned 13). I really enjoy being on my own, and I really forgot what it's like. Of course, this is majorly different, because I'm not living with my parents and I'm an adult. The last time I was single for more than a couple of months I was 12 years old! I really feel like now I can figure out who I am. I feel unrestricted and carefree for the first time in years. I feel empowered and beautiful. I am not self-conscious anymore (well, mostly). I have stopped biting my nails. I feel in control of my life, finally.

~My best friend's mother passing away in 2000. My friend was a senior in HS and I was a junior. Her mother was one of my mother's best friends. I think this event is significant to me because it strengthened my relationships with my friend and my own mother. I made sure my friend knew that I was going to be there for her no matter what, I was a stable figure in her life, and I wasn't going to take advantage of her (like some other people she was hanging with were). It made me value my mother more, and now I am proud to say that I can talk to my mother about anything and I recognize how wise she is and I love her advice and spending time with her. Especially after the battles we had when I was a moody teenager!

~Playing guitar. I also play string bass and piano and I sing, but guitar is really where my heart is. I'm not nearly the best at it, but I love it and it relaxes me and it's fun. And I have lots of trouble relaxing myself.

~I am not married, but there is one person that I feel very connected to. Playing guitar is tied into this, because he's a professional guitarist. As soon as I saw this man, I knew I had to talk to him - I don't know about love at first sight, but this whole connection is significant to me. I've known him for almost 5 years, and in this whole time we couldn't really hang out or get to know each other too well, because I was under 18. (BTW, he's 12 years older than me.) I always felt a huge chemistry or heat or attraction between us. Nothing had happened until a couple months ago, when we confessed our crushes on each other. I really think that he might be the one, which freaks me out because I'm only 20! But people don't get crushes that last for 5 years, so that has to mean something. I don't know. We'll see what happens.

That turned out a little longer than I expected, but it feels good to get it out. Thanks.
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