FAQ for MSCL music

Talk about the soundtrack of MSCL. You can find a list of songs played in the episodes here.
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FAQ for MSCL music

Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Mar 26th 2010, 8:56 am

* This section of the forum is for music used on the show. If you would like to discuss Jared Leto's band 30 Seconds to Mars, please go to this thread in the Afterlife section.

* A list of all the songs used on MSCL can be found here. Please check there first before asking what song was playing when Angela and Jordan walked down the hallway or at the World Happiness Dance!

* There are three soundtracks that people refer to here on the forum. In accordance with the current forum rules, please do not post/request links for illegal downloads.

(1) The official soundtrack was released on both cassette tape and CD in January 1995. It had seven songs used on the show, three songs inspired by the show, and the title theme for the show. You can view the track listing, the cover art, and read a little more about the soundtrack here. The official soundtrack is no longer in print, but copies are usually available at Amazon marketplace and ebay.

(2) The first unofficial soundtrack was called "Our So-Called Life." It was compiled by Sherry Mann in 1995 on cassette tape and included cover art. It contained several songs used on the show, as well as separate clips of dialogue from the show. There is a thread about it here.

(3) The second unofficial soundtrack was compiled in 2000 by oldguy (Patrick), worldsapart, mia, and several other forum members who worked together to hunt down hard to find tracks, create cover art, and suggest quotes to be used. It was originally one CD but later became a two CD set. This soundtrack included all the songs used on the show mixed with quotes from the show. You can view the track listing here and read about the whole process here.
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