Wilson Cruz in All Over Me (1996)

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Wilson Cruz in All Over Me (1996)

Post by Cami A. » May 27th 2009, 2:30 am

I just found this cute movie online. It's called "All Over Me." And I originally watched it for Leisha Hailey, one of my more recent favorite actresses. But It was a great surprise to see Wilson Cruz (Rickie) have quite a few lines in the movie. This was made only a year or so after MSCL, so he he looks basically the same - and plays a similar character named Jesse. The movie is about two 15 year old girls, Claude and Ellen, who are best friends. Claude spends most of her time taking care of her wild friend Ellen, who is involved with a drugs and trouble-making boys. Claude loves Ellen very much, in a more than friends kinda way...Claude works at a Pizza Parlor with Jesse (Wilson Cruz)...Leisha Hailey is a girl named Lucy that Claude meets, who sort of gets her to open up about her sexuality. It an independent film about struggling with being young and gay in a not-so-great New York neighborhood in the 90s.
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