MSCL may be gone from the tv screen, but there are lots of good (and bad) new productions airing each week. Talk with other MSCL fans about your favorite shows or the shows you hate. Of course you can also discuss TV show DVD releases here.
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Post by Karen » Oct 6th 1999, 4:48 pm

I was just wondering if anybody watch that show. It is almost better than MSCL.
I was a mscl freek 5 years ago and now I just love Felicity as much as I use to love mscl when I was 15. If somebody can give me his comments about this show I would appreciate it. (By the way Dawson's creek is a very good show too.)

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Re: Felicity

Post by mia » Oct 6th 1999, 4:55 pm

I used to watch it all the time. I used to view it as MSCL goes to college, but I think they've strayed form that. Don't know for sure though, since i haven't watched it in a while.

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Re: Felicity

Post by BeeJay » Oct 6th 1999, 5:57 pm

Yes, I'm a fan of Felicity too. I like the show and the characters although I am unable to relate too closely to any of them. One device the show uses that is very similar to MSCL is her talking into the microcassette recorder. It's a lot like Angela's voice-overs.

As far as Dawson's Creek is concerned, I give it two thumbs DOWN! The dialogue is way too sophisticated and adult-like. Dawson speaks like a graduate student(college level) rather than a junion in high school.


Re: Felicity

Post by Guest » Oct 7th 1999, 7:03 pm

i also love felicity, and give dawson's creek a major thumbs down. read my post regarding the new show "roswell" for my thoughts on that too! :)

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Re: Felicity

Post by BeeJay » Oct 8th 1999, 3:14 pm

Maybe it's time for you to register as a frequent visitor to this site. Then we could call you something other than "anonymous".

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Re: Felicity

Post by angelika » Oct 8th 1999, 5:46 pm

I had previously sided with you on the statement that you made, but if you look at the Roswell postings, "Anonymous" says that she, who is ACTUALLY Soma, had forgotten her password, but has now retrieved it. :-) Now that THAT run-on sentence is over.... :-) It's so nice when people have real names instead of Anonymous, although you have to admit that Soma had a VERY valid excuse!! :-)

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Re: Felicity

Post by soma » Oct 8th 1999, 5:51 pm

Yes, I have a registered name. :) I post from two computers though, at work and at home. My home one has me "cookied" so it always knows me and allows me to post as soma. Even though I have my name and password, sometimes the board won't let me post from work and I just have to use anonymous. I haven't figured out if it's me or the board yet (probably me!)...I'm working on it though. :)

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Re: Felicity

Post by BeeJay » Oct 9th 1999, 2:45 am

Hey. I had an experience just last week that is similar to your post. I had trouble logging-on to a chat site on Yahoo.com. I learned from the help desk that 1.) I had to make sure that Java Scripting, et al, were enabled in my browser; and, 2.) If I was on a LAN, or behind a 'firewall' (I'm guilty on both counts when at work) then Java would not work and I should choose HTML for the language to use.

Anyhow, when I got home I checked to be sure Java was enabled, and then went to that same page. This time I got right in to the chat page, and all the buttons and other configuration items worked as expected! So, WHERE you are connecting from does seem to make a difference. At least, in this particular instance, it did.



Post by Guest » Oct 15th 1999, 6:41 pm

Well, I hadn't the possibility to watch "Felicity" yet (because I'm in Germany).

But I came across "Dawson's Creek" by accident, and - well - I was fascinated!
I zapped in one very, very long monologue and was surprised by this "sophisticated" and "adult-like" speech.
I liked it very much, first of all because I used to speak very much and elaborated by myself (in German - my English is not so good, sorry) Already at school most of my fellow pupils made jokes about my way to express myself.
But as I watched a second episode of the show (must be one of the second season, that ran here in Germany) I was even more surprised by the hole script of the episode. I watched some more and found nearly every single rule I had learned at school about classical dramas: (Sorry, I don't know the exact English phrases)
- clear theatrical structure: beginning - accumulation - turning point - retardation - final
- union of space, time and action
- tragical conflict
- metaphors
- classical monologues and dialogues
I never seen a TV-show that was so "classic Greek" as Dawson. (It reminds my very much of "Schiller" and "Goethe" - only it is more temporally and so it is more fun to watch than "Maria Stuart"!)
I haven't seen more than about five or six episodes up to now, but I think it's the intellectualest show in TV and it's like a "drama"-lesson to watch it. (Maybe it should be shown in schools?)

It may not be as realistic as MSCL, but it is fun to watch.
I personally can identify myself (partly) with Dawson (not only because of his way to speak ;-), also with his movie-madness and his romantic imaginations, too. (But unfortunately I had no Joey or Jen - so maybe I am more like Brian :-( )

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Re: Felicity? No.

Post by grim4746 » Oct 19th 1999, 12:19 am

I have watched felicity a few times. More than I like to think about actually. I have to absolutely disagree at least as far as it even possibly being as good as MSCL. Basically I think Felicity is a cute show that can be interesting sometimes but on the same level as MSCL no way. Dawson's Creek? I admit I do watch it. It's cheesie and overly dramatic but it's funny and the characters as unrealistic as they may be are rather endearing.

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Re: Felicity

Post by socalledfan » Mar 19th 2002, 4:43 pm

Hello all, this is an ANCIENT thread, LOL. But I wanted to reply because I have been a big fan of Felicity for the past 3 1/2 years. It is #2 on my list of favorite shows ever...you all know what #1 is!

I am about to go through MSCL-cancellation-like depression though, because this is Felicity's last season. It was announced recently. There are only about 10 episodes left and then it will disappear like MSCL did, so many years ago!

Waaaahhh! I'm sad... :-( Why do great shows go away? Network execs suck.

;-) Socalledfan.

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Re: Felicity

Post by NIGHTJESSI » Mar 19th 2002, 10:38 pm

While I've never seen this show, I get the feeling from reading press on Alias, J.J. Abrams' new show, that part of the reason for Felicity's cancellation has to do with JJA concentrating more on Alias. Of course, that's no consolation for you, Socalledfan. Hopefully you got a chance to tape Felicity so you can go back and reminisce whenever you want to. And given the popularity of the show, maybe you'll get a DVD set of this show just like our coveted MSCL DVD set.

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Tonight's Felicity

Post by somamoons » Mar 21st 2002, 2:28 am

Anyone catch it? The opening scene was a TOTAL ripoff of the pilot to MSCL! They even used the same words!!!

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Re: Tonight's Felicity

Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Mar 22nd 2002, 3:48 pm

I got home in time to see the end with the whole Ben's pregnant fling plot line. Damn I can't believe that I missed the MSCL rip off!!


Re: Tonight's Felicity

Post by Guest » Mar 22nd 2002, 6:06 pm

Darn - I think I was the only one that saw it. The opening scene was a complete ripoff of the opening to the pilot. Felicity said something like "Things are getting to me. Just the way everything is..." and it showed her walked outside with another person in a crowded area - Hmmm...seem familiar? ;)


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