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Add to scene-

Post by spitefate » Feb 18th 2008, 2:28 am

Alright- so I thought it would be fun if we add onto scenes to make a joint comunity fanfic. So I wrote this scene, and who ever is next can write the following one... Kind of like that equisite corpse game, only with writing. Are you in? Ok go!


Scene: Ext. Angela's house

We see Jordan turning the ignition, starting the car with a slow turn of the wrist. Angela sits in the passenger seat staring out the window. Brian Krakow standing alone in the middle of the street. Angela continues to stare as the car movies down the street. Camera stays on Angela's face, she is in a trance replaying the conversation with Bryan over and over in her head.

Brian VO: I meant every word. I mean the person who wrote it, meant every word. Probably
Angela VO: Brian?
Brian VO: I didn't write it.
Angela VO: Brian you said?
Brian VO: Forget what I said.

Jordan turns to look at angela

Jordan: Angela? Angela wake up.

Angela turns to look at Jordan

Angela: (screaming) Who do you think you are?
Jordan: Angela, wake up.
Angela: Liar!
Jordan: Angela!

Patty VO: Angela, wake up it's time for school!

Cut to: Int. Angela's bed room.

Angela slowly rolls over, lets out a little grunt, and slowly opens her eyes. She was dreaming.

Angela VO: Sometimes, you just wake up with that feeling in your stomach, like everything has changed, and it would have been easier if, like, the day before never happened, or you didn't know the whole truth. The truth isn't better sometimes. The truth makes you want to go back to sleep.

Angela rolls over burring her face in a pillow.

Patty comes into the room.

Patty: Are you up?
Angela: I'm up, god! Leave me alone.
Patty: someone didn't get enough sleep.

Patty closes the door behind her, leaving the room, only to come barging into the room again

Angela: God! Mom!
Patty: Angela! (she stars at her daughter with a cold scolding gaze. There is a small pause) What time is Our Town tonight?
Angela: ugh, 7
Patty: Alright, that's all. (she leaves to room)
Angela: but i'm soooooooo not going (said in whisper)

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Re: Add to scene-

Post by Jody Barsch* » Feb 19th 2008, 5:57 pm

PATTY: [Reentering the room] You know, you wonder why there are rules about no going out on school nights, and then this is what I have to deal with in the mornings.
ANGELA: It’s not about that.
PATTY: Clearly. Your lack of sleep has nothing to do with your oh-so–cheerful demeanor. Out of bed now. I’m not driving you.
ANGELA: [Irritated] Okay. I’m up. Get out.
PATTY: Excuse me?!
ANGELA: Please.
PATTY: Watch your tone young lady. [Closing the door but not finished talking] A pleasant attitude won’t kill you.
AVO: [Collapsing face first on her pillow] After spending months waiting for my life to begin, for high school to actually live up to its reputation, for my social life to stop being a rerun of seventh grade, this is what I get. I’ve traded anonymity for ambiguity. [Rising and pulling on a crumpled pair of jeans from the floor, she flips her head down and looking into the mirror pulls her hair back (resembling the promotional shot of Angela)] So now that I have a life… when’s it going to get good?


[Angela is sitting in the front of the bus, seeking sly glimpses of Brian through the large mirror.]
AVO: I’m in shock. What’s it, when your mind is like completely blown and the world just takes on a completely new meaning? There must be a word for it?

[Angela talking to Sharon out by the railings during snack]
ANGELA: I mean, yeah. Its’ Brian Krakow. But… I don’t know … I’m— I’m flustered. I’m, thrilled. Not like, I’m excited, but genuinely thrilled, like, I’m not breathing right.
SHARON: Well it’s a rush. But is it a circumstantial rush, or is it Krakow specific rush?
ANGELA: Well it has to be circumstantial, right? The street light, the letter, the sheer unexpectedness of it. I mean, it has to be that.
SHARON: Well what about Jordan?
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Re: Add to scene-

Post by ikilledkennyandjr » Feb 21st 2008, 12:33 am

Might as well give this a whirl...


Brian is at his locker, trying several times to correctly spin the combo. He sighs, pauses, looks around, brows compactly together. Spots Rickie, who's smiling as he walks. At Brian's expression, Rickie's sobers, and his head jerks a nod. Brian lets out a breath and goes back to his lock. Rickie makes his way over...

JORDAN: She called me a liar.

RICKIE: (bumps into Jordan, who slunk in from nowhere) Oh. S-sorry.

JORDAN: (distracted) No sweat.

Rickie leaves them to it, but sneaks a peek back at the drama. Brian can't look at Jordan. His expression reads "help me".

JORDAN: So like I was sayin'... she thinks I lied. (gets no response as Brian concentrates on his locker) 'Cause of that, you know... stupid letter?

The locker door slams on its hinges.

BRIAN: (loudly) Oh yeah?

JORDAN: It's like, she wouldn't even look at me. (Brian ignores him, collecting his textbooks) I mean... (leans in) what does she want?

The bell rings. Jordan glances around, mildly startled. Brian's tower of books crashes to the floor.

JORDAN: So I guess we'll figure somethin' out at tutoring. (turns to go)

Brian can't believe this. He stands up from where he's picking up his books, and his fingers curl tightly inward. Deep breath.

BRIAN: Wait!
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Re: Add to scene-

Post by Cami A. » Feb 21st 2008, 6:07 am

Brain runs up behind Jordan and tugs on his arm so that Jordan turns around to look at him.

Brian: "I'm not tutoring you anymore. I will no longer help you with Angela Chase! You are on your own."

Brian turns and walks away. He turns back as he is going around the corner and catches a glimpse of Jordan still standing in the same spot looking dumbfounded. Brian smiles to himself.

BVO: When I heard that she had called Jordan a liar. My heart like did this thing. It like soared. And all of the sudden I had this like super jolt of confidence. Could I possibly have a chance with Angela Chase, now that she was once again mad at Jordan Catalano?
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Re: Add to scene-

Post by Cami A. » Feb 22nd 2008, 1:45 am

Just then, Angela walks past obviously late for her next class. When she sees Brian she sort of half-smiles and then turns away and starts running. Brian's smile fades as he realizes that his letter might not have changed anything.


Sharon and Rayanne are having a conversation about Rickie.

Sharon: So, Delia like really likes Rickie, and they've been spending a lot of time together lately.
Rayanne: Really?

Rayanne is pretending to look amused, as she raises an eyebrow. In reality she is really upset because Rickie hasn't been sharing anything about his life with her lately.

RayanneVO: Rickie is hanging out with Delia Fisher. Angela is hanging out with Jordan Catalano. And I am hanging out with Chirske of all people. Not that it matters or anything.

Rayanne squints and smiles at Sharon. She's not half bad for being Rayanne's only friend.
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Re: Add to scene-

Post by Jody Barsch* » Jan 18th 2009, 4:24 am

[Under some trees outside of school during lunch, Angela stands with Sharon and a few other girls, possibly working a little too hard to be engaged in the conversation – her smile and eyes are a little too animated. She isn’t aware that Jordan has spotted her and is approaching, but she is attempting to distract herself from the issues of the day (and of the night before). As Jordan nears the girls notice him, watching him with eyes that indicate they move in different circles and know neither his name, nor his connection to anyone in their company.]

Jordan: [To Sharon] Hey. [To Angela] Can I have a second?

Angela: [Nods, then speaks to the girls] ‘scuse me. [They walk away]

Jordan: [With muted emotion which plays for most of the conversation] Last night was fun.

Angela: Was it?

Jordan: No. It wasn’t.

Angela: No.

Jordan: It caught me off guard. [She cocks an eyebrow] Yeah – I didn’t write the letter.

Angela: I know.

Jordan: Is that going to count for everything? Is that a deal breaker?

Angela: What exactly is the deal?

Jordan: Something along the lines of yesterday; before you talked to — whoever you talked to.

Angela: So, had I not spoken to that person, I’d never have known… You [she lowers her voice, though it hadn’t been loud before, and no one is nearby, or registering them at all] slept with my best friend [he swallows], then to make up for it you give me a letter someone else wrote, let me believe otherwise, and then seem kind of put out that I found out the truth.

Jordan: You’re mad.

Angela: That wasn’t clear last night?

Jordan: I thought …

Angela: That if I had time? I’ve barely had time to recover – no, I mean, whatever – with the first thing, and now there’s this on top of it.

Jordan: So that’s it?

Angela: You’re quick to give up.

Jordan: I don’t know what you want.

Angela: [Neutralized] Well, so, is that why you wanted to talk? [His lack of response is meant to be his affirmation]. I want to know that I’m not being deceived, or made a fool of, or knowing less about my life than everyone around me.

Jordan: Ok.

Angela: Really, what I want? Is someone [she looks around, suddenly a bit self-conscious, but persists] who feels what was in that letter, and to trust that, and not feel embarrassed, or a fool for nee—

Jordan: Look, I thought it would help – I thought you’d like it. But, clearly … Look, it doesn’t mean anything.

Angela: Well, it meant something to someone. … I know that it was just words to you.

Jordan: You should know, that, I don’t think you’re a fool. It was never about that. And maybe, a few sentences shouldn’t matter this much.

Angela: Just so you know, words do matter – when there’s meaning behind them.

Jordan: I am sorry.

Angela: That’s … not, really what I meant. [The bell rings -- Angela's grateful, Jordan's irritated] I'm going to go to class. Can I have a little time?

Jordan: [Brusquely] You got it. [She smiles with tight lips and slowly pivots to turn away] Hey -- Angela. Just, don't let this letter mean more than it does. Ok?

Angela: Okay.
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Re: Add to scene-

Post by Jody Barsch* » Jan 18th 2009, 9:16 pm

[Angela is in her bedroom at dusk, looking out her window towards the Krakow's. In her hands she holds the letter.]
AVO: Jordan said not to let the letter mean more than it does. But more and more, I'm worried about making it mean less than it does.

Graham's Voice: Angela! Dinner! [She tucks the folded note between the pillows of her window seat.]
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Sometimes I write a little MSCL fanfiction:
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Re: Add to scene-

Post by Cami A. » Jan 18th 2009, 10:05 pm

Brian fixes the collar on his flannel button up while staring gloomily in the mirror. He undoes the top button, then sighs to himself and fastens it again. He attempts to comb his curls into submission, but his locks reject the comb, so he surrenders and drags his feet over to Angela's.

"Don't say anything stupid," he coaches himself before ringing the Chase family's doorbell and squaring his shoulders.

Inside Patty, Graham, Danielle, and Angela are gathered round the dining room table eating meat loaf and an unidentified casserole. Angela's fork has succeeded in mincing the meat loaf into a rather unappealing texture. She jumps at the chance to escape finishing the mashed meat, and runs to answer the door.
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Re: Add to scene-

Post by Cami A. » Jan 19th 2009, 7:58 am

Angela crosses the living room and swings open the door. Brian is in mid-turn, his back almost facing the door. He squints his eyes and grimaces, as if an anvil has been dropped on his head. "You Idiot" he breathes. He wasn't prepared. Why hadn't he thought of what he was gonna say to her before ringing her bell? Like how thick-skulled could he be? Brian pivots around to face Angela and engage in what is sure to be a humiliating conversation.

“Hey,” her voice is soft like it’d been under the hazy street light last night. Fragile, angelic.
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Re: Add to scene-

Post by stburr91 » Feb 2nd 2009, 4:44 pm


(Angela steps out onto the front porch to talk with Brian.)

Brian: Hey. (Not sure what to say.) Uh...did I leave my bike here? (He has a look on his face that says, why did I just say that?)

Angela: No, I don't think so.

Brian: (Really lost, not having a clue of what to say now.) So...what are you doing?

Angela: Just eating dinner.

Brian: (Looking for a way to make a break for it.) Oh, I should leave then.

Angela: (Wanting him to stay.) No, you don't have to go. (Pause) You should come in and join us for dinner. My parents wouldn't mind.

Brian: No, I should like, go. (Hoping the right words come to him to tell her how he feels about her, but they don't.) I should go. (Brian walks away dejected.)


(Brian is walking down the hall and sees Rickie at his locker. He goes over to him.)

Brian: I'm such an idiot. I went over to her house and made a fool of myself.

Rickie: Are you talking about Angela? (The look on Brian's face confirms this.)

Brian: I can write her a letter, but I can't just talk to her, tell her how I feel. What's wrong with me?

Rickie: Well ... it's harder to say those kinds of things face to face. (Pause) Why don't you just start with a normal conversation. Not that I would like know or anything, but isn't that how everyone else does it?
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Re: Add to scene-

Post by Jody Barsch* » Feb 11th 2009, 1:22 am

[Continuing from above...]

Brian: Yeah – I guess.

Rickie: Sure. [Wanting to make Brian laugh] I mean, consider the competition. [Rickie catches himself, and thinks] I didn’t mean that.

Brian: [With more confidence, almost coming to a realization] No… you’re right.

Rickie: [Trying to take back anything mean he said about Jordan] Probably not.

Brian: Yeah. – Okay, he’s not as entirely hopeless as the average person might assume; remarkably. – But, come on. I can talk to Angela Chase. I’ve been talking to her for years.

Rickie: [Trying to be encouraging and to not sound incredulous] Right. [Brian catches Rickie's expression and intonation and sort of cocks and eyebrow in response.]

Brian: Who am I kidding. – I doubt it’s for the quality conversation that Angela keeps getting into his car.

Rickie: I’m just gonna excuse myself from this entire situation.

Brian: Does that mean it’s hopeless? It’s hopeless? ‘Die now or move’ is what you’re saying?

Rickie: No. ___ No.

Brian: No. That’s it. It’s a lost cause. It’s always been a lost cause. Unless… [Rickie becomes wary] … You talk to her. You’re friends. You would know –

Rickie: Brian. No.

Brian: Okay.

Rickie: No Brian.

Brian: Fine.

Rickie: Did getting involved with Jordan and Angela work out for you? __ No. I’m not going to get involved with you and her.

Brian: That’s not even the same thing at all. And you already involved yourself by telling her that I wrote the stupid letter to begin with.

Rickie: But I’m done. You should [reaching] – do what you think is best. [Rickie doesn't sound completely sue that this is good advice, he almost says it like a question.]

Brian: Clearly what I think isn’t something to go on. You know what happened with Delia Fisher. [The bell rings.]

Rickie: Let me know how it goes.
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Re: Add to scene-

Post by Jody Barsch* » Mar 28th 2009, 7:40 pm

[Jordan is under the bleachers, Shane approaches.]

SHANE: [Playfully throwing an empty cigarette pack] What’re you doing here?


SHANE: Thought you worked things out. [Jordan doesn’t respond.]

JORDAN: Worked what out?

SHANE: With your girl. The red head. Right? Everyone saw you in the halls. [Jordan, looking bored, stretches up and grabs a hold of the bars above head in the bleachers.] Just saying, when you were hanging out before, you were a hard guy to find. ______ So, what’d you say?

JORDAN: Nothing.

SHANE: [Pressing by clarifying] About Graff?

JORDAN: Nothing. ____ It just, it wasn’t a big deal.

SHANE: Yeah. [Knowing that that can’t be true.] Anyway, you must’ve said something good.

JORDAN: No… ___ It’s fine.

SHANE: Tino said you were at her place all night last week.

JORDAN: ‘All night’?

SHANE: [Smiling] Not true? [Jordan half smiles]

JORDAN: [Shifting] What’s going on tonight?

SHANE: Somebody said something about a bonfire at the river.

JORDAN: That’s getting a little old isn’t it?

SHANE: So don’t come. You’ll have something better to do anyway.

JORDAN: [After a second he cocks an eyebrow] Angela?


JORDAN: [He sighs] I don’t know. ___ [Annoyed] It’s complicated.

SHANE: She’s still pissed about Graff.

JORDAN: No. ___ Maybe. But it’s something else.

SHANE: It never ends. Look, nothing meant, but, is it worth it?
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Sometimes I write a little MSCL fanfiction:
Also, after multiple V. Mars reiterations, and finally a Deadwood movie, still wishing for some continuation of The Riches !

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Re: Add to scene-

Post by Jody Barsch* » Mar 28th 2009, 7:42 pm

[Brian and Angela are in English. She scoots near him.]
A: Hey. ____ Sorry if I was, abrupt. ___ Last night I mean.
B: No. It was stupid. My bike …
A: No. Uh, maybe you could come over again.
B: For what?
A: I don’t know. We could, go for a bike ride. Or, watch a movie.
B: Why?
A: Isn’t that… I thought that’s what you w—
B: Don’t feel obligated.
A: Obligated? Brian, I don’t. We used to hang out. I just think, maybe we should; again. If, you’re interested.
B: What, like, tonight?
A: [Smiles] Okay. [The classroom door opens and Jordan enters. He sees Angela, and Brian, there are no available seats around them, and he saunters to the back and slouches in an empty desk. Brian’s eyes discreetly follow him, he is wondering if the equation has just changed.] Good.
Katimsky: Ah, Jordan. You’re late. I need your essay. Did you write your paper?
J: I don’t have it.
K: I see. Okay, let’s get back to this …
A: God. [Brian looks to her for clarification] He doesn’t take anything seriously.
B: [Brian is conflicted. He can’t decide if he should say something. He doesn’t want to hurt his glimmer of a chance, but he doesn’t understand why he is feeling protective of Jordan. He starts a sentence a few times. After some moments, Brian leans in to Angela, who, in the mean time, has re-focused on her own thoughts – not the class paper.] He wrote it.
A: [Caught off guard.] What?
J: Jordan.
A: [Wary] Wrote what?
J: Katimsky’s paper. I know he wrote it. [Angela turns in her chair to glance behind her toward Jordan. He looks at her, holding her gaze. He isn’t aware of what has been said, but he does recognize that this seems to be a turning point something is very precarious, and if he lets her look away, if he doesn’t challenge her to stay there, she will leave (and it’s gone too far, he’s said too much out loud, to passively allow it).]

** If you want[ed] to add a scene between these, pm me and we'll add it : )
Sometimes I write a little MSCL fanfiction:
Also, after multiple V. Mars reiterations, and finally a Deadwood movie, still wishing for some continuation of The Riches !

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Re: Add to scene-

Post by Jody Barsch* » Mar 29th 2009, 11:15 pm

[That afternoon, Angela and Sharon are at a coffee shop, sitting at a table by a street window. Jordan’s buddy walks by the window, spots Angela, and knocks as he continues down the sidewalk.]
S: You know him?
A: Not by name. [She takes a sip.] He hangs with Jordan.
S: Ah. … So how’s it going with my favorite person?
A: Oooh. We don’t want to talk about that.
S: We don’t?
A: No, no, no.
S: Intriguing.
A: No. [Upbeat] Let’s talk about something else. Are you doing yearbook next year.
S: [Sharon cocks an eyebrow incredulously, inspects Angela, then moves past it.] Not if Pam Lacey’s editor.
A: A tyrant?
S: She’s awful. I’ll probably stick to newspaper. Colleges like that better anyway.
A: Uh, man… College …
S: We’re going to see some campuses this summer.
A: Isn’t that a little early?
S: Not if you know where you want to go. Brian’s applying for a summer institute at Johns Hopkins, did he tell you? [Angela shakes her head.] Are we not allowed to talk about Krakow either?
A: We’re not disallowed from talking about anyone. I just, don’t know what to say yet, officially.
S: Well I’m strictly off the record.
A: Well, future Madam Editor, in that case –
J: Hey. [Both girls look up to see that Jordan has approached their table. Two or three of his buddies stand by the counter. Acknowledging Sharon] Hey.
A: [More subdued than her earlier playfulness.] Hey. [Jordan looks from Angela to Sharon.]
S: [Feeling uncomfortable] Do you wanna sit?
J: Naw, thanks. We’re just – [One of Jordan’s buddies come over and standing beside Jordan, places a hand on his shoulder]
F: Ladies, we’re going to a beer bust at the river. Wanna come? [To Sharon] I know you.
S: Which river?
J: Holzman.
F: [Not getting side tracked] How do I know you?
J: She goes to Liberty.
F: Yeah, but who are you? [To Angela] How do I know her? [Angela shakes her head]
J: Let it go. I’ll be right back. [Jordan leaves them. The friend pulls up a seat.]
F: Angela? [She smiles her Angela nod.] Trigger.
A: Hi.
F: How ‘ya doin’. [She smiles again.] You’ve got a good smile. You’re good at that. [Her lips tighten into a ‘what’s there to say to that’ expression] And you. [back to Sharon] You got a boyfriend?
S: He’s a football player.
F: [laughs] What’s that supposed to mean? ‘He’s a football player’? What do I care what he plays. You a cheerleader? You friends with Bridget Di Lello?
J: [Jordan reappears] So. Are you coming?
A: I can’t.
F: What?
A: I made plans.
F: With the cheerleader? She’s coming too, so the plans will change.
A: No. Not with Sharon.
F: Sharon! Well call who ever it is and tell them to meet you down there. [Angela looks at Jordan]
J: Forget it.
A: Can, we talk for a second? [Angela does her little eye roll thing as she stands and moves towards the back door. He follows; the guys exchange a little look as he does.]
J: I get it.
A: ‘You get it’?
J: The plans, with the person. It’s Brian. I get it.
A: What, exactly, do you get?
J: I said I wasn’t going to chase you.
A: That’s not what this is a— That’s not what I’m doing.
J: I don’t know why, but, you’re not interested anymore. [Angela’s face crinkles; she opens her mouth to speak.] Don’t. __________ You made me look like a chump.
A: That was not my intention. And you’ve never been above making me into one.
J: Are we done?
A: [Detached, and with a little lip smack] Yeah. We’re done.
J: See you around. [He walks back to the table where the friend is still chatting up Sharon, who is a mixture of bored, amused, and disgusted] We're heading out. [The friend rises, not questioning.]
F: [To Sharon] I’ll find you on Monday. Don’t forget your pom poms. [Angela slowly makes her way back to the table as Jordan and the boys tussle themselves out the front door.]
S: Breaking news?
A: It’s over. [Sharon gives Angela a sympathetic look. She solemnly takes a sip from her drink, but after a few beats can’t resist] Like Brad Pitt and Juliet Lewis over, or like Kyle and me over? [Angela briefly laughs in spite of herself.]
A: Over over. It doesn’t feel right, and now he hates me.
S: He doesn’t hate you. [Angela pushes her drink away] He followed you around for weeks.
A: Days. At the most. And he never really cared about me. ____ I’ve got to go.
S: Is this for real? Are you going to become Mrs. Brian Krakow?
A: Just. Let it be. [She leans over and kisses Sharon on the cheek as she begins to leave.] I’ll call you.

* * * *

[Angela and Brian are in her living room. Silent. Looking at each other, at the walls, at their shoes.]
A: Movie?
B: Okay. [Angela opens a drawer and looks through some home-taped VHS’s]
A: Let’s see… Old copies of the Muppet Show, Faerie Tale Theater, Star Wars, Goonies, Princess Bride, It’s A Wonderful Life, Life of Brian, Sound of Music, [she looks back at him, then back to the drawer] Northern Exposure – that’s my mom; Julia Child, -- that’s my dad; Little Mermaid – that’s Danielle. Do you know this one, To Be or Not to Be?
B: Is that about Nazis?
A: [Half laughs] I don’t know.
B: I think I’ve heard of it.
A: I don’t even know who would have taped this. [Turning back to him] Give it a try?
B: [Shrugs] Yeah. [She smiles. He awkwardly returns the smile.]

* * * *

… [They have been watching the movie for a while. The room is dim, but not dark. They are settled into the sofa. Angela is cutting slices off of a pear in her hands, handing some to Brian.]

* * * *

… [Later into the film, Angela pivots and rests against the arm of the sofa, her knees up, and as she stretches out a little her toes just barely touch Brian’s thigh. They’re both aware of it, but in their effort to not acknowledge it, neither one moves.]

* * * *

… [Credits are running. Brian stretches, and puts his hand down on either side of him to raise, but in doing so, his hand rests on her foot; he stands faster. Angela’s lips make the shape of an “o” and she stretches her feet as if they’ve been cramped by staying in the same position for so long.]
B: It was funny.
A. Hysterical.
B: Good choice.
A: Yeah. It was. [Angela hits stop and rewind. They kind of straighten things up a bit; the mood is a bit awkward again.]
B: So, what are you doing this weekend?
A: Ah- I don’t know… [They are facing each other, though several feet apart. Graham opens the front door carrying a box of cooking supplies]
G: I’m home – Oh. Hey. Guys.
B: Hey.
G: What’s going on?
A: We were just... watching a movie.
G: Ah. [Picking up on the mood, he sets down the box, trying to excuse himself without making it too conspicuous] Well, I’m beat, I’m gonna head upstairs. Goodnight.
A: Night.
B: I should go too.
A: Okay…
B: Okay… [They move to the door]
A: This was fun.
B: Yeah.
A: [Holding the door open as he lingers in the threshold.] Okay.
B: Okay. [There is a slight indication of a lean in, but a floor board upstairs creaks and it goes no further.] Goodnight.
A: Night. [He walks down the steps]
B: Have a good weekend. If, you know, I don’t see you.
A: [She smiles to herself, the awkwardness is a little ridiculous] Thanks. ____ Goodnight Brian.
B: Goodnight. [she closes the door]

* * * *

[Angela is still downstairs, the house is dark and she holds her knees tightly to her as she sits on the sofa. The phone rings; scrambling, Angela is quick to pick it up.]
A: [In a muffled voice] Hello? [Silence] Hello?
J: Hey. ___ What did you do tonight?
A: Excuse me? ______ Jordan?
J: [Scornfully – he does not mean at that moment] What are you doing? … Brain?
A: [She realizes he's drunk, she doesn't have the patience, and her tone is dry and curt] Oh God. ______ Where are you?
J: Angelaaa…
A: What?
J: Angela.
A: … What?
J: I don’t get you. You don’t have anything to say?
A: Like?
J: What happened. If you’re this mad at me, why did you-- [He cuts himself off, and changes gears.] So, how was your date? [Angela doesn’t say anything.] Was it hot.
A: Okay. I’m done.
J: Wait. [She waits]
A: … What?
J: Angela.
A: [Her patience is almost gone] What?
J: I think you’re still interested.
A: I think you’re drunk.
J: Forget it. [He hangs up. Angela exhales loudly. She runs her hands through her hair, exhausted. The phone rings again, Angela picks it up instantaneously, but holds her hand over the receiver, away from her for a while before putting it to her ear.]
J: —llo?
A: Mm hm.
J: Sorry. _______ Not, about the hang up.
A: [Unmoved] Okay.
J: ‘Okay’?
A: What do you want me to say?
J: Remember when you followed me around? Remember when you loved to kiss me? Remember when you liked me better than crappy Brian Krakow?
A: Look—
J: I did a lot of things to be with you. [She rolls her eyes] I waited for you.
A: On what universe?
J: Okay. That’s how it is? You don’t know. You don’t Angela.
A: I’m going to bed. Where are you? Are you home?
J: I’m at a pay phone.
A: [She's concerned, but she's pissed to have to be concerned, and is way over the novelty of being in this position] Are you driving? How are you getting home? Who are you with?
J: You know what? You don’t care.
A: Jordan? ___ [her voice harshens as she tries to regain his attention] Jordan. Please don’t drive. Who are you with?
J: You don’t get to do that. You don’t get to go out with Brain-tutor-guy – who can’t get a girl’s number on his own – and then tell me what not to do. You don’t have that right. __ What do you care?
A: If you didn’t think I cared, why - did you call?
J: … I gotta go.
A: Jordan? [He’s gone.]

* * * *

[Kitchen, morning; the family is going about starting their day.]
P: Angela. Do you know anything about two very late night phone calls last night? What’s going on? I don’t want phone calls after nine-thirty.
A: I didn’t make the calls.
P: Well, they were picked up pretty quickly for them to be unexpected.
A: Okay.

* * * *

[Monday at school Angela and Jordan see each other, and they walk right past one another.]

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Re: Add to scene-

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[The following week. Brian comes hesitantly to the tutoring room. Jordan, whom Brian did not expect would show up, is already there, sitting at a desk. Waiting for him]
BRIAN: Hey… [He sits with trepidation] So, I guess you’ve heard. [Jordan nods]
JORDAN: _ [Casually, reflective] I guess I always kinda figured you liked her. … I think I knew. I don’t know why I had you write that stupid letter. Hey, look, it’s okay. I mean, I broke it off– before, I mean. I, did the... ‘thing’. [Exhales, he doesn’t want to admit this] I threw her away. [Brian’s listening, his expression is unreadable. Jordan casts a glance at Brian through his hair] ‘re we cool?
BRIAN: __ Yes. [Jordan nods; this isn’t much of a consolation prize – he’s not happy with how things worked out, but he’s not going to sulk]

* * * * *

[Days have passed. Rayanne and Rickie are back stage at rehearsal]
RAYANNE: I don’t get it. They’re not even together?
RAYANNE: All that, and they’re not together.
RAYANNE: And, she’s with Krakow.
RICKIE: I’m not totally clear on that.
RAYANNE: Krakow!? Brian Krakow. Who she could have had months ago. Years. [Loosing it a bit – she’s speaking slowly and with emphasis, trying to make sense of it…] The kid who had the stupid video tape!? She’s with him?! [Rickie crinkles his mouth, shrugs, and raises an eyebrow – or both – he doesn’t know what to say] So what was this all about? If she doesn’t even want him, what was this even all about?
RICKIE: [Preparing to try to explain Angela’s point of view as he sees it] Well, --
RAYANNE: She drops me. Over a guy, she doesn’t’ even want. And wasn’t even with, at the time. And I’m the bad guy? Explain that to me.

* * * * *

[In the Liberty student parking lot, Sharon passes by Jordan, leaning against his car, watching Angela and Brian get on the bus. She stops, observes, rolls her eyes, and moves in, standing beside him, following his gaze.]
SHARON: You’re pathetic. [She hasn’t said this with condescension, it’s familiar, very matter-the-fact] ‘Brian Krakow’? No one saw that coming. But you didn’t really think you’d end up with her? I mean, did you? For months, you take her for granted, you mess with her head, you’re ‘Too cool to care’, you break her heart, and then you have the nerve to mope around school because you’re not with her?! You had her. And then, you blew it. In epic proportions. Suck it up. She’s finally over you; let everyone move on. [She remains there, momentarily, standing next to him still watching what he’s watching, their eyes never meet; she does not look at him, although he may sneak a sidewise glance at her. As they stand, an outside obsever might make the mistake that they’re two firneds chilling together. A moment later and she’s on the move, walking away, maybe even shaking her head.] I mean, really.
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