mscl dvd wanted

Looking for "My So-Called Life" items or willing to part with one?
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Frozen Embryo
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mscl dvd wanted

Post by nynke » Jan 7th 2008, 2:48 pm


Im a dutch girl and i saw mscl when i was 15, but I cant find anything here in the netherlands, who can help me to get all episodes.

I can pay by bank transfer and paypal, no creditcard.

i really really want it who can help?

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Re: mscl dvd wanted

Post by His_Girl_Red » Jan 15th 2008, 3:52 pm

First of all, do you have a Region 1 or 2 DVD player? Second, have you tried Right now, they have many sets up for sale/bid and where you have Paypal, it couldn't hurt to check it out. Also ABC network is showing episodes on its website ( that are free to view, though I don't think they're airing them in order.
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