Cris Colbourn (Buffalo Tom) on MSCL

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Cris Colbourn (Buffalo Tom) on MSCL

Post by JPP13 » Dec 23rd 2007, 8:57 pm

I ran across a recent interview that Cris Colbourn of Buffalo Tom gave while on tour in Germany. The interview ended with a question about MSCL...

SK: Do you guys still get asked about “My So-Called Life” a lot?

CC: (Laughs) In some places, yes. We still play the songs that we did on that. The show was just released on DVD and so all of the sudden people were emailing and talking about it, it’s so amazing. You hit this certain spot with this special thing, a movie or something. It means a lot to people. It was really fun doing it. And people are still watching that show, it’s just crazy, it kept going and going. Claire Danes is still very famous and it was a good time for us, because it was a big record for us too. I work with a lot of young women and sometimes they don’t put it together and later they go: “Oh my gosh, you were on “My So-Called Life!” It’s a huge thing for them, bigger than anything else we’ve done (laughs).

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