Jeff Perry in The Valley of Light (2007)

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Jeff Perry in The Valley of Light (2007)

Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Feb 20th 2007, 7:20 pm

From the Hallmark website:
Gretchen Mol, Chris Klein star in 229th presentation of the Hallmark Hall of Fame

Gretchen Mol (Calm at Sunset, The Notorious Bettie Page) and Chris Klein (Election, American Dreamz) star in the Hallmark Hall of Fame adaptation of Terry Kay’s novel, The Valley of Light. The film premieres on CBS Sunday, Jan. 28, 2007, 9-11 p.m. ET/PT.

The Valley of Light tells the story of Noah Locke (Chris Klein), a World War II veteran, who returns home at the end of the war to find his parents have died, his brother is in prison and the family farm has been sold. Feeling lost in the world, Noah wanders the rural roads of the South in search of a place he can call home, a community to which he can belong. Eventually, Noah is led by a mysterious stranger (Robert Prosky) to a place the stranger calls The Valley of Light. Noah meets and befriends a mute boy, Matthew (Zach Mills), and Eleanor (Gretchen Mol), a young widow. Noah and Eleanor are two lonely souls who develop a strong attraction to one another.

Interviewed on location near St. Paul, Ore., Gretchen Mol says she was deeply moved when she first read the script for The Valley of Light. “It’s a hopeful story,” she says, “about people losing their way, and how they find their way back.

“There’s not one big earth-shattering thing that happens that turns things around [for Noah and for Eleanor]. People just keep moving on. They take a deep breath, they suck in their gut, and they move on.”

Chris Klein echoes Gretchen Mol’s take on the story. “I think what this story says to us – it’s certainly what it says to me – is that we are all going to go through some tough times,” he says. “But while we’re going through those storms, we hopefully can lift up our heads, and search for blue sky during the day and bright stars at night.

“This story’s really about hope,” says the actor. “Noah comes close to giving up, but he doesn’t. He perseveres. We can all learn something from that.”

Veteran actor Jeff Perry (Grey’s Anatomy, Murder in the Heartland) compares The Valley of Light to Horton Foote’s Trip to Bountiful and Thornton Wilder’s Our Town. “Simple stories that celebrate the kind of decent people we meet in The Valley of Light don’t come along very often. These people represent our lineage, our mom and dad, our cousins, our grandparents – a lot of our memories, the fabric of our American lives.”

Brent Shields (The Magic of Ordinary Days, Durango) directs The Valley of Light, from a teleplay by Camille Thomasson. The film is produced by Andrew Gottlieb; Richard Welsh is the executive producer. It is from Hallmark Hall of Fame Productions, Inc.
Jeff Perry plays Taylor Burrows.
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