Could someone please explain?

This forum is for questions/discussions about the now sold out first DVD box set by BMG / AnotherUniverse.
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Could someone please explain?

Post by Flutterby » Oct 20th 2006, 12:20 pm

Hi! I've been visiting the site for ages and just never joined the forum. Anyway I'm really confused right now. Last year I bought the "complete" set on dvd off ebay. The problem is I have some missing episodes. The discs look authentic- silver on the back, normal not blurred looking cases and disc tops. I was under the impression that I had all of the discs, but I know that there was 19 episodes and I have 15. So then I thought well myabe I just don't have the last disc and the set I bought wasn't as complete as avdertised. Today I went through the episodes listed on the site and it's odd because I don't have the Halloween episode or the one where Angela decides she'd rather be like Rayanne's mom and there are a couple of others. My question is did I get screwed because that's what I'm thinking happened?

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Post by Sascha » Oct 20th 2006, 12:55 pm

How many discs do you have? There should be five. (Or six if you also have the bonus disc). The colors of the five main discs are: orange, pink, blue, red and violet.

From your description it seems like you're missing disc #3 with "Strangers in the House", "Halloween", "Other People's Mothers" and "Life of Brian". That's the pink one.

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