Experimental eletronic music must be free !

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Experimental eletronic music must be free !

Post by brakstar_world_tour » Dec 30th 2005, 2:59 am

Hello E-community.

I want to present my new techno song, it's free but free & free.

No copyleft, no copyright, no GNU, no rights.

that's 100 % experimental eletronica music.

Description : 9min 54s. 320kbit. 23,1 mo type : Mp3.

This song represent Geeks & Nerds.

You can copy, burn, give, and sell this music. I made all in that track, it's me who fixed the FreeRight Move.

French touch only by a French Geek.

Download link : Ge3k Represent - Mp3

Thanks to post comments ( nice.... ^^ )

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Re: Experimental eletronic music must be free !

Post by Videodrome » Jan 6th 2007, 6:02 pm

Have you ever herd of Hooverphonic? Great trip pop music.
Long Live the New Flesh

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