Ricky's "unnoticed" transition???

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Ricky's "unnoticed" transition???

Post by Jaye » Dec 19th 2005, 1:39 pm

I'm not quite sure if there is another thread that tackles this topic, but I personally did not notice when Ricky actually became gay from formerly being "bi". In the pilot episode, Ricky was clearly "bi" because Angela claims that he was "bi" to Patty after she voices that she found Ricky to be "confusing". I thought Ricky had been "bi" the entire time until Ricky admitted, I think in the last episode, that he was gay to Delia. Delia asked "But you're gay, right?" And Ricky responded, "Yeah, I'm gay." Then he said something like, "But if I did like girls, I would like you." This obviously indicates that Ricky is no longer "bi" if he is now gay and does not like girls at all. I thought it was just strange that Ricky didn't admit to having lost all of his feelings for girls anytime before the last episode for a smoother transition. If anyone actually knows that Ricky did voice that he was loosing his attraction to girls, please let me know. :)

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Post by SanDeE* » Dec 19th 2005, 7:46 pm

I got the impression that Ricky was 100% gay (that sounds really bad, I know) for the entire series. Even up through the 1990s it was very difficult for a gay character to be accepted on tv (and also a real-life gay teenager in high school). So I thought that maybe Angela was unsure herself of Ricky's orientation, or maybe she decided that "bi" sounded better for her parents. But I NEVER got the impression that Ricky was ever attracted to the girls. In Life of Brian Ricky says he's thinking of taking a girl to the dance (can't remember name...), and Rayanne quickly calls him out on it: "why don't you ask him, you know that's who you really want to go with" or something like that. And Ricky admits that Rayanne is right. I found Ricky saying he was going to ask a girl to the dance as a cover up. Something to help him become more accepted.
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