Been Watching MSCL on 'The N' @ 4AM Tue. - Fri. ............

Discussion on bringing the show back on tv. Is "My So-Called Life" going to be shown in your country? Note: See international airdates from the last years here.
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Been Watching MSCL on 'The N' @ 4AM Tue. - Fri. ............

Post by MSCLFANFOR10YEARS » Oct 16th 2005, 8:17 pm

This is my 1st post on this site, I'd just like to take a sec to say HELLO To everyone! :)

I have been a fan of MSCL since I was a freshman in Highschool in 1995. I did'nt actually start watching the show untill soon after its cancelation when it was shown as re-runs (I don't recall, however, what channel it was that was airing the show at the time). I was very happy when I bumped into 'The N' one night/morning when I had stayed up really late and found that they were airing re-runs of MSCL. I began researching the show soon after via the internet and learned that the show was only on for 1 season! What an outrage! I had no idea that only 19 episodes - 19 VERY PRECIOUS episodes - were ever made. I remember having such an amazing emotional response to the show when I had 1st watched it in highschool that, I guess, I thought only a show that had been on the air for some time could make one feel as MSCL made me feel. I still marvel at the fact that only 19 episdoes were ever made.........such a shame, considering all the bulls**t on TV then and now that managed to stay on the air for a long time. I always wonder what the show could have been if it had stayed on the air longer, but I guess thats just one more thing that makes MSCL so special to all of us, right?

The only time that I know of that the show airs is @ 4:00 in the morning Tuesday-Friday on 'The N' (at least here where I live in Tulsa, OK). Since I've been watching the show, 'The N' has gone thorugh all 19 episodes twice, and always in chronilogical order. THEY WILL BE STARTING ALL 19 EPISODES BACK OVER THIS FRIDAY OCT, 21 - for those interested. I will have my VCR ready! Id rather record all the episodes from TV than have to pay nearly $200 for the DVD's (theres always a set up for grabs on or on Ebay). Im gonna make sure I get all these episodes onto a blank tape before its to late!

I read in other posts that Fox Family channel heavily edited the show for their airings......'The N' isnt doing this to are they? 'The N' has a show called "Degrassi: The Next Generation" and the theme of that show is -- 'it goes there' hopefully you get the meaning -- I would imagine that MSCL would not be considered to be as racy, but you never know.........

Does anyone know when 'The N' is going to stop airing MSCL altogether? I mentioned that 'The N' has gone through all 19 episodes twice. How many times will they go through all 19 episodes until they stop airing the show?
"My So-Called Life" Fan in Tulsa, OK

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