A.J. Langer in In Style magazine (2005)

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A.J. Langer in In Style magazine (2005)

Post by huskeralum00 » Aug 18th 2005, 12:54 pm

I received my new InStyle mag. yesterday in the mail.

They have a page where they give you a sneak peak of what is going to be in the next issue and it was there that I saw that they will feature A.J. Langer at her English country home (or something like that).

So, remember to buy next month's InStyle in a month. :lol:

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AJ Langer in In Style magazine

Post by SanDeE* » Oct 2nd 2005, 1:35 pm

There is an article in the new INSTLYE magazine (with Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover) featuring AJ Langer and her new husband in their castle-home. I haven't read it yet, sorry - but from thumbing through it looks like a beautiful home.
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Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Oct 18th 2005, 3:22 am

I finally had a chance to look through it while I was standing in the checkout line and damn, that is one hell of a castle! She and her husband are so cute too - they look really happy.

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