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Post by starbug » Aug 15th 2005, 11:12 am

Yep, another notch on the 'holiday' belt for me! This time I was in Cornwall, the lovely coastal region of the UK. I did have dial-up internet access though as I was staying in my parents' house there.

We went to many beaches, on a walk, and generally chilled out. We were staying in Falmouth which is around 6 hours drive from London. The highlight of the trip for me was our evening spent in the theatre: it's a roman-style amphitheatre which is cut out of the cliff-face at Porthcurno. It's quite small but the seats are near-vertical, and the players are performing literally on a stage that drops off into the ocean. I tried to take some photos, but I think only one really does it justice; the one which is the darkest, probably (P8020310). In the distance you can see some cliffs, and beyond that a little dot of light in the top right-hand corner, which is the flash of the lighthouse at the Lizard peninsula. Plus, they had a fire-breather there, and he was warming up the audience nicely - they have no curtain and effectively very few props or stage flexibility, so they have to do something that shuts the crowd up ready for the play to start, and he was it!

You can check out the photos here


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Post by lance » Aug 16th 2005, 11:21 pm


Some beautiful pics thanks for sharing. I really like that one with the rainbow over the sea.


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