Let's Set-up a Chat Time

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Let's Set-up a Chat Time

Post by BeeJay » Sep 20th 1999, 8:26 pm

I'm just throwing this out for feedback. How many of you folks out there would like to get together and brainstorm about getting our favorite show re-aired on MTV? Just reply to this msg. Give me a time frame and a day or days.

I'm able to be here just about any evening (Pacific time) from like...4:30PM on.

How about you?

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Re: Let's Set-up a Chat Time

Post by worldsapart » Sep 21st 1999, 2:05 am

A Saturday or Sunday night (around 8PM or so) would be good for me-- that's not the only time, but it seemed like a good one-----I think it's a good idea, BTW.


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Re: Let's Set-up a Chat Time

Post by mia » Sep 21st 1999, 9:09 am

Like I said, any day except Thursday's good. From 7pm (ET) on.

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Re: Let's Set-up a Chat Time

Post by TEAMDSNY7 » Sep 21st 1999, 10:34 am

im available: mondays wednesdays and sundays! so count me in!!!


Re: Let's Set-up a Chat Time

Post by Guest » Sep 21st 1999, 3:13 pm

available mondays, wednesday, and fridays.

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Re: Let's Set-up a Chat Time

Post by angelika » Sep 22nd 1999, 6:38 pm

I'm never sure what my plans are--("I don't make plans") :-) But let me know when you guys decide to meet and I will be there if I can! Can you *IMAGINE* having our show back again? We should all raise money and get the rights to the show--we wouldn't treat it as badly as some people are now. :-) If only MTV knew how many people would watch it if they aired it again. If they only knew....

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Re: Let's Set-up a Chat Time

Post by emmie » Sep 25th 1999, 2:25 pm

I'm all for any kind of revival chat!! count me in for monday-wednesday nights!!

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