RIP Johnny Carson

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RIP Johnny Carson

Post by lance » Jan 24th 2005, 11:24 pm


Well definitely showing my age here, but I grew up with Johnny Carson. Some of the biggest thrills I had as kid was when dad let me stay up Friday night to watch Carson's opening monologue.

He was a class act and a very funny man. He will be missed.



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Post by SanDeE* » Jan 25th 2005, 12:38 am

RIP Johnny Carson.

I heard that the tapes of the first ten years of the Tonight Show were never saved because they didn't think anyone would want to see them again! Well, how would they have known about the DVD boom decades later. Right now as I type this (10:35pm CST) Jay Leno is talking about Johnny in his monologue.

Dave Letterman said that Johnny was the reason his career started, because Johnny gave Dave his first shot on TV, as a guest on his show. So after that, Dave always thinks "What Would Johnny Do?"

I'm gonna do this at the end of this post: :D
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Post by TomSpeed » Jan 26th 2005, 8:49 am

Well, we have a small memorial to Johnny Carson in MSCL.

Patty: I miss Johnny.

We all do, Patty.

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