Interesting trends

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Interesting trends

Post by lance » Jan 21st 2005, 12:29 am

Stumbled across a pair of interesting articles that might raise some thought.

First, what would happen to abortion rates in the US if Roe was overturned or at least heavily restricted? According to Anna Quindlen of Newsweek they will probably go up, not down.

Among many interesting tidbits was this one "The study showed that after the waiting period went into effect the number of second-trimester procedures in the state (Mississippi) rose from 7.5 percent of all abortions to 11.5 percent."

You can read more here:

Also I heard on NPR that there is an increasing trend of foreigners adopting African-American babies. Interestingly many white American prefer to spend up $35,000 to adopt a foreign child instead of the under $10,000 it takes to adopt an African-American child.

According to the piece some African-American mothers who give up their children for adoption prefer them to be adopted by Canadian or European parents because of the impression that their children would not have to deal with as much racism or bigotry.

You can listen to this story here: (1/20/05 click on The Baby Business)


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