The MSCL Bible. . .

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Teacher's Lunch
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The MSCL Bible. . .

Post by Teacher's Lunch » Jan 7th 2005, 10:33 am

Went through the Bible today, and found the following. Not sure if anyone updates it anymore, or even if they would be interested in doing so, but here is what could be updated, not including the all of the player biography notations that don't have their later works:

The My So-Called Life Bible

*now available! MSCL on video!
-could to be updated to reflect that does not have the videos, nor are they widely available. Best resource currently is, and prices are reaching upwards of $250 a set. Pirated copies are going for as much as $100 for the set.


1. (History) broken photo link
2. (Legacy) May want to add quote from Harbert interview about him regretting his decision to cancel MSCL.
3. (Premise) broken photo link
4. (characters) broken link to "The Letter"x3
5. (episodes) broken photo link, broken link to "Angela's World" and "The Letter"
7. (players) broken photo link x11, broken link to "U-Turn", "Stray Dogs", "The Rainmaker" (which has been bought and is now rife with mal-ware trying to reset your home page and other cybercrap), "Saturday Night Live", "Polish Wedding", "Les Miserables", "Pecker", "Steppenwolf Theatre", "Switchback", "Meet the Deedles", "All Over Me", "Nowhere", "Felicity" (which now directs you to the show's corporate parent, with no mention of the show), "Independence Day", "The Tom Show" (still exists, but the website is blank), and "Jerry Maguire". . . *whew!*
8. (music) broken photo link
9. (trivia) broken link to "Haiku For Him"
10. (fans) broken link to "Angela's World", "" Also, there is mention of the novelization of the show that was done by Catherine Clark, but no mention of her follow up book, entitled "My so-called Life Goes On". Whatever your opinion of the book, it's out there, so should probably find it's place in the "Bible"
12. (links) THE Claire Danes Page works, and is the ONLY website in the top half of the links that does!, "The FTP/Web Site", "Kristin's" and "Chris Ernest Hall's" horrible and evil (malware, bazillion pop-ups, STAY AWAY), "The So-Called FanFic Page" has moved to, "Adam Atkinson's Homepage" has moved and no longer contains any referance to MSCL, "Andi Wolf Dolphin's Homepage" has become much like those other nightmare pages above, "Amy Dott's Homepage", "Eric Podolsky's Homepage", still work, "The Randino's Homepage" has become an homage to Schoolhouse Rock (no mention of MSCL), Matthew Tomich's Page no longer carries MSCL references, but does have a pretty funny "upper west side manhatten chinese restaurant name generator" on it., Iian Weaver's Homepage still works, ALL sites not mentioned no longer work.

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Sascha Team Team
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Post by Sascha » Jan 7th 2005, 4:09 pm

Yeah sorry, there are many sections at with outdated links/informations like this. I'm focusing currently on the development of the new website so I don't fix any of the old stuff anymore - there's just not enough time. But the new site will be worth the wait ... (I hope ;-))

Teacher's Lunch
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Post by Teacher's Lunch » Jan 7th 2005, 6:33 pm

ah! makes sense. well, at least now people will know which web sites to avoid like the plague, and where to find the handy-dandy "upper east side manhatten chinese restaurant naming tool". :lol:

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