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General discussion about the nineteen episodes of "My So-Called Life". Note: Our episode guide can be found here.
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MSCL Pictures

Post by Crescendo » Dec 23rd 2004, 4:58 pm

Does anybody know any good site to find a large assortment of MSCL pictures? Besides this site, that is! :wink:

I'm trying to find pictures of the Christmas episode... and despite numerous google searches, I have turned up empty! I figure that SOMEONE in this forum knows another excellent site.

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Post by mscl_adam » Dec 30th 2004, 4:50 pm

This site has a lot of my so called life pictures. On the bottom it says: my so-called life>> and you click it to view more. They're mostly Rayanne, though.

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Post by zerosconcubine » Jan 2nd 2005, 3:33 pm

Why didn't yah just check the main gallery? They have great, high wuality images here:

There is also a image CD on ebay with all of the press-shot photos. Its fairly cheap, aorund 4-20 bucks. Depends on the seller. :-P

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