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Site Changes and Updates

Post by mglenn » Sep 21st 1999, 1:09 pm

Well I think its finally going to happen! Well it either that or the rest of the members of MSCL.COM might vote me out of office for slacking off on my duties :-). But I think we should have the new site up very shortly (like maybe sometime in the next two weeks). The new server is here and should be reloaded with our OS, web server and database, by the beginning of next week. Once thats done we just need to get the new site uploaded on to it and tested and we'll be ready for launch.

As always we'll be interested in hearing you thoughts and comments on the site. I can assure you that all emails that are sent to us are read. But due to this just being a volenteer effort we sometimes don't have time to respond. (We receive and average of three or more emails daily.) We are happy to see that MSCL is still alive and well after five years and are doing our best to make sure this site mesures up to all of your expectations.

Also If anyone is interested in joining the team. Please drop us a line with you name and email and what you think you can bring to our group. Maintaining a website of this size is quite an undertaking and we are always on the lookout for other devoted and commited fans of the show. So if you think you can give a little time every week to helping us out please let us know.

Mike Glenn
Project Manager for MSCL.COM

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