Bonus DVD and Lunchbox for sale

Looking for "My So-Called Life" items or willing to part with one?
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Bonus DVD and Lunchbox for sale

Post by bmjudd » Oct 11th 2004, 11:22 pm

For those MSCL fans looking to purchase a collectible mscl lunchbox and Bonus DVD, I have placed mine on ebay. All your questions should be answered on the page, but if not please feel free to contact me:

Thanks! ... eName=WDVW

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Post by TooCool4Skool » Jan 5th 2005, 1:50 pm

Wow this is old... but, did they really make a bonus DVD????

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Post by SanDeE* » Jan 5th 2005, 5:37 pm

Yes, they really did. Check out the MSCL DVD forum for more info.
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Post by Guest » Jan 5th 2005, 5:58 pm

I bought one off of Ebay but it looks like a home made bootleg but the person who sold it said they all looked like that, IS THAT TRUE??

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Post by fnordboy » Jan 6th 2005, 12:06 am

Anonymous wrote:I bought one off of Ebay but it looks like a home made bootleg but the person who sold it said they all looked like that, IS THAT TRUE??
The bonus disc? Yes, they were definitely bordering on the bootleg look. If you have a digital camera take a pic and post it up here.

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Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Jan 9th 2005, 9:13 pm

There is a picture of the official bonus disc posted on the third page of this thread (scroll down to the last post).
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Post by thatweirdgirl » Jan 14th 2005, 9:54 am

Hey, I would really be interested in buying that from you. But I assume that it has already been sold, of course.

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Post by Sascha » Jan 14th 2005, 12:28 pm

Wow, I just looked at bmjudd's auction and it ended at more than US$200. Just for the lunchbox and the bonus DVD, *not* the DVD box set itself. So if you currently want to buy the complete set (DVDs + lunchbox + bonus disc) you'd have to cough up more than $400 at ebay. And people are actually paying it.

I'm wondering when it's going to be up for auction at Sotheby's ... "And now, after an original Monet, we have here an original "My So-Called Life" lunchbox from the late 20th century. Cheap metal from Hongkong. The minimum bid starts at $10,000 .... yes, $11,000 ... $15,000 for the lady in the front row ... $20,000 ..." ;-)

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Post by pinkchimney » Jan 14th 2005, 8:40 pm

For anyone interested in the Lunchbox, I am selling mine on ebay. I'd rather see someone from the boards get it though. here is the link in case you are interested. ... 04274&rd=1


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