Store in the interactive stories thingy on this website

Discussion and questions about the FanFiction section of You can also post excerpts of your unfinished stories here if you're looking for feedback or ideas.
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Nicky Driscoll
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Store in the interactive stories thingy on this website

Post by murfdurf22 » Sep 29th 2004, 7:01 pm

Hey wassup yall, I'm new hear, and i love MSCL. Anyway, those stories on the interactive story things, I'm Michelle, and I wrote those stories after the anynomous person. if yall can, please go raed them and then tell me what i need to work on, i know i'm not as good as the anynomous person but i have my own style. Tell me what i need to work on not to put in my next stories. And if yall gonna say something about it, please don't be ignorant with it, no put downs please, I'm only 17, coming up with these stories iight. Anyway, if yall wanna know about the anynomous person i emailed her and she said she was too busy to write stories, and stuff been going on, so...thats what happend to her anywaysssssss, I'M OUT, YALL GET BACK AT ME!

-bye, bye, LOVE YAH!

-Amerie aka Murf

Nicky Driscoll
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Post by ilovemyboo » Sep 30th 2004, 7:10 pm

hey grl,

well first off i just wanna say i love your storys and i really hope that you keep going with them i like how you give it this little hiphop flavor without over doin in thats AWSOME iv seen some ppl try do do that before but they over did it. when i was readin your story i noticed somthin u wrote in your last one that can really piss your boy off if hes the rocker type if your listinin to music and you turn some rap on ........lolz thats the best all i know is that it made my boy mad!!!!! but its cool so anywho luhb your stories and keep updataing
Mucho luhb
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