Pilot Season, Original Series on Trio.

MSCL may be gone from the tv screen, but there are lots of good (and bad) new productions airing each week. Talk with other MSCL fans about your favorite shows or the shows you hate. Of course you can also discuss TV show DVD releases here.
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Pilot Season, Original Series on Trio.

Post by fnordboy » Sep 7th 2004, 10:45 am

Pilot Season is a show on the network TRIO, it is based off of an 8 year old barely seen film by Sam Seder (yes the same Sam Seder from Air America Radio) called Who's the Caboose. Basically it is a mockumentary that follows comedians/actors around in LA during "pilot season" trying to land spots on new TV shows. It stars some amazing people: Sarah Silverman, Sam Seder, David Cross, Andy Dick, etc. I watched the first two episodes last night and they were hilarious. It seems it is only a six episode series though :(

Check it out if you can.

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Post by dTheater » Sep 7th 2004, 9:32 pm

I read about it in TV Guide. It looks right up my alley. It's the type of show I'd absolutely love (think Larry Sanders, Sports Night, the Newsroom, the Office).

Unfortunately, there's some conspiracy at my local Comcast company to deprive it's customers of all the great new channels. No Sundance channel, no IFC, no TRIO, they finally picked up FX within the last few months. What good is 88-channel cable when they don't carry the only good networks?
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