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This forum is for questions/discussions about the now sold out first DVD box set by BMG / AnotherUniverse.
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Post by Nostradamus » Mar 30th 2005, 7:45 pm

Here's what I have so far (my assigned section was the first in chronological order, so this is the very beginning of the interview):
My So-Called Bonus Disc Transcript

Main Interview Part 1

Dan = Dan Fawkes, interviewer [off screen]

Winnie = Winnie Holzman

Marshall = Marshall Herskovitz

Ed = Ed Zwick



<0:00:00 - Opening Text>

MY so-called bonus DISC Interview

Conducted May 20th 2002

<0:00:10 - Interview Begins>

[Several voices overlapping]

Winnie: ...One of the signs. It was like, well...

Ed: ...Television shows been replaced by, by...

Winnie: Oh...

Marshall: By cruelty.

Winnie: A whore house! [Laughs]

Ed: ...Can connect...

Marshall: Cruelty.

Ed: Yeah see... No, but also it's "communicating with the dead", is the name of the program that is gone in our stead.

<0:00:22 through 0:00:35 - Text overlay indicates Marshall Herskovitz sitting at viewer's left, Winnie Holzman in center, and Edward Zwick at right.>

Marshall: Oh, that one! I thought you were talking about "The Bachelor".

Ed: Well yes...

Winnie: ...I'm actually talking about both.

Ed: ...I was, I was...

Marshall: And that was communicating with the dead also.


Winnie: As it, as it happens.

Ed: Oh my god, I...

Winnie: Yeah those were both two, uh, really frightening shows. Boo? Yeah.

Marshall: Ok.

Ed: Hi.

Marshall: ...They'll just go on forever, you have to...

Ed: Yeah, stop, jump in...

Dan: I don't mind!


Dan: It just gave me a chance to check the audio. Uh, thought I'd uh, start out, introducing yourself since, uh, you know you're the only one with a photograph on MTV, so you're the only one...

Ed: I have a photograph on MTV?!

Dan: You do! So...

Ed: How hip! I gotta go look that up...

Dan: ...If anybody ever tries to stalk you, why, you've got a photograph...

Ed: Oh, that's good to know.

Dan: Yeah I know, I'm sure you're loving that. But uh, so...

Winnie: [Giggles]

Dan: ...Introduce yourselves, saying what uh, what you do, uh, for here and uh...

Ed: ...People watching...

Winnie: [Pointing to her colleagues] I stalked them.

Dan: ...So-Called Life.

Ed: [Laughs]

Winnie: ...Umm, no, I'm Winnie Holzman, umm, I wrote the pilot, and created the show. With a lot of help from them. [Indicates laughing cohorts]

Ed: We're them. I'm Ed Zwick, and uh, we uh, sat in admiration and um, took lots of credit and money for Winnie's hard work.

Winnie: [Laughter]

Marshall: And I'm Marshall Herskovitz and I actually did all the real work in My So-Called Life. We just used Winnie as a front.

Winnie: [More laughter]

Dan: How did uh, the three of you [Unintelligible] start working together?

Winnie: I lost a bet.


Ed: It...

Winnie: ...Um...

Ed: It, it dates uh, back, in fact, to Thirty-Something. All things flow from Thirty-Something and, uh, Winnie Actually came to us, uh, as a kind of stalker. She uh, happened to have had a brother who was shooting our television series, and...

Winnie: I just came to visit him, and I stayed for like fifteen years.


Winnie: I came to visit my brother on the set, and I stayed for fifteen years. This is really what happened.

Ed: That's about right.

Marshall: Ernie, Ernie came to us and said, he was sort of embarassed and he said, um, 'My sister has written a spec script for your show", and we went 'Oh, god'.

Ed: Yeah...

Winnie: Sounded, that sounds promising!


Ed: Your whole, your whole bio, you just begin to sink, when you hear that, because, you know, the obligation to read, even your own work is hard enough with the stuff that you have to and the notion of having to be nice, to the sister of the cinematographer was just, beyond, uh, anybody's imagining.

Marshall: Imagine our shock when it was actually brilliant, so...

Winnie: And um, I'd been watching the show, of course, as a fan, um, really, kinda blown away by the show and, um, really was just a fan of the show, so I ended up having this amazing thing happen where I was suddenly writing, my favorite sh-, you know, my favorite TV show. Um, so, anyone, who, make, that makes sick, just go ahead and be sick!


Winnie: Um, but that's what happened to me that year.

Ed: And, and that was, the beginning of it, was it three years of that or two years of that?

Winnie: That was for two years...

Ed: [Nodding] That was two years.

Winnie: And then uh, right around the time that you, realized that, Thirty-Something was going to go off the air, um, you kind of started to talk to me about what would we maybe do for another show.

Ed: I think it's important to [Unintelligible] back up to say, to...

Winnie: [Laughs]

Ed: No, to just say what, I mean, those two years had been, um, the, the creation of a kind of a, of a short-hand, and uh a, a tenure that was to endure, because-

Winnie: Yeah...

Ed: The notion of, of trying to then, you know [Unintelligible] our [Unintelligible] together and do something together, was, unimagined for the two of us, before we, before the three of us began working together.

Marshall: Mm-hmm.
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