Mac versus PC: The Eternal Struggle

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Sascha Team Team
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Post by Sascha » Aug 27th 2004, 11:53 am

I'm a PC user through and through since the early age of so-called "IBM-compatibles". My first contact with Apple was a few years ago at the University, we had there some cool Macs for digital AV and later a G3. Two years ago we put OS X on it and everyone was amazed by the look & feel of it. I think it's the perfect (but unfortunately very expensive) computer for beginners. For more experienced users, I think both PC and Mac are on the same level these days for office work, internet and multimedia. Photoshop, Mozilla and OpenOffice run as good on Windows as they do on OS X. PCs can look as cool as Macs (but I don't care about that, the cases of my PCs are hidden in another room). Only if you're a hard core gamer, Windows XP is still the only way to go.

I thought about buying a Mac laptop a few years ago - they are thin, have builtin WLAN support, firewire, good batteries and they look really awesome :-). But they were too expensive, so I opted for a Dell notebook and I didn't regret this decision so far.

More experienced computer users should also consider Linux - modern distributions like Suse or Fedora are really easy to install and are a serious and cheap alternative to Microsoft products. Linux desktops (e.g. Gnome or KDE) look and feel almost like Windows and there's a wide range of free and good software available. If one only needs a computer for simple tasks like internet, MP3, wordprocessing and some occasional image editing, Linux is the way to go IMHO. And there are really no problems with virii or other nasty stuff.

Another problem with modern PCs is that they eat a lot of energy and make a lot of noise. But they serve as a good heater replacement in the cold months ;-). Apple delivers its very high end top G5 dual processor model with water cooling ($3,000).

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Post by Nothingman » Aug 27th 2004, 2:23 pm

As a CAD specialist I've always used windows. I couldn't do my job with a one button mouse. I've got an 8 button optical wireless rechargable, the idea of one button just seems so obsurd. Can you add software that will allow you to use a multi button mouse?
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Sascha Team Team
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Post by Sascha » Aug 28th 2004, 12:21 pm

Nothingman wrote:As a CAD specialist I've always used windows. I couldn't do my job with a one button mouse. I've got an 8 button optical wireless rechargable, the idea of one button just seems so obsurd. Can you add software that will allow you to use a multi button mouse?
I don't know about 8 buttons but I had no problems replacing that horrible apple mouse with a Logitech 3-button/wheel USB mouse (which I usually use with my Dell notebook) - no driver software necessary, it worked instantly.

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Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Aug 28th 2004, 8:33 pm

Yup, we have replaced all the crappy Apple mouses (mice?) with nicer versions that we bought at Office Depot or the like - no special software, just plugged them in. I'd say we have at least four different types of newer mouses in our lab and none of them required any special software.
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Jody Barsch*
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Post by Jody Barsch* » May 9th 2006, 9:51 am

I like the new add campaign, I think it's pretty clever playing into the image that Apple has been cultivating for so long.

Top 14 Reasons to Buy a Mac (according to the Apple website)
1. It just works.
How much time have you spent troubleshooting your PC? Imagine a computer designed by people who hate to waste time as much as you do. Where all the hardware and software just works, and works well together. Get a Mac and get your life back. More
2. You can make amazing stuff.
Every Mac comes with iLife ’06, a suite of software that transforms your photos, music, and video into all kinds of projects. Make high-quality websites, photo books, DVDs, songs, slideshows, music CDs, calendars, cards, prints, podcasts, music videos, documentaries, and more. More
3. Design that turns heads.
You won’t want to hide your Mac in a corner of the den. You’ll want it front and center in your life. The Apple style shows in every detail, from its sculpted surfaces to its gorgeous Mac OS X graphics. More
4. 114,000 Viruses? Not on a Mac.
Mac OS X was designed with security in mind. Windows just wasn’t built to bear the onslaught of attacks it suffers every day. A Mac offers a built-in firewall, doesn’t advertise its existence on the Net, and isn’t compromised within an hour of being turned on. More
5. Next year’s OS today.
Since Mac OS X engineers aren’t busy damming a flood of viruses, they have the time to think up amazing new technology. Like Dashboard widgets, mini-applications offering a world of capabilities just a keystroke away. Or a built-in RSS news reader. More
6. The latest Intel chips.
Intel Core Duo processors put you on the cutting edge. In fact, a Mac with an Intel chip is so fast it surprises even longtime Windows pundits, who keep running benchmarks again and again. Results? Fast. Fast. Yup, still fast. More
7. Instant video chats.
Setting up a video chat with the people next door — or across the globe — should be as simple as picking up the phone. On a Mac, you just click an icon to have a four-way video chat in a full-screen window with amazing clarity and special effects. More
8. More fun with photos.
On a Mac, you don’t need any extra software to make a photo book. You don’t have to leave your photo software to visit a separate website and wait for forms to load. All you need is a camera and a Mac. More
9. One-click websites.
How long does it take to post a photo or video to your blog on a PC? On a Mac, you can shoot a picture or a movie with the built-in camera, then post it on the web in a few clicks. Pontificate, preachify, and publish. The hardest part is coming up with something to say. More
10. Amazing podcasts.
Want to get your message out to the world? Podcast it. A Mac makes it simple to create professional podcasts, complete with artwork. Add sound effects and jingles, even use the built-in radio engineer to make it perfect. So you can be a talk star in seconds. More
11. Rock star tunemaking.
Musicians get all the girls (or guys). And a Mac has the software to turn you into the musician of your dreams. Choose from hundreds of cool riffs and instruments to create your own songs. Get good enough and you could be on iTunes. More
12. Hollywood-style movies.
Connect your DV camera and turn your movies into spectaculars. Add graphics, titles, and sound effects in minutes. Then use your Mac to burn a DVD or post to your website. More
13. No hunting for drivers.
Just plug in your stuff. A Mac includes USB drivers for mass storage, digital cameras, input devices, iPod, and more. It can see Bluetooth cell phones and headsets, as well as FireWire cameras. No rebooting. More
14. Awesome out of the box.
Other computers include software, it’s true. But once you start using that software, you find that you’re hobbled in some way or another. Software included with the Mac, on the other hand, is critically acclaimed as best in class. More
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