ebay ID: krakow2000, & collected items

Looking for "My So-Called Life" items or willing to part with one?
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ebay ID: krakow2000, & collected items

Post by somamoons » Aug 18th 2000, 12:48 pm

Is anyone on this board the ebay ID "krakow2000"? I've seen that person bidding (and outbidding me!) on various MSCL items.

Also, I was wondering what MSCL stuff you guys have collected. I'll admit mine so you get the idea of what I mean:

1) a HUGE scrapbook full of MSCL related magazine clippings going back to 1994.
2) the box sets
3) taped TV versions (no, I don't have a second VCR so I can't copy them)
4) the official soundtrack
5) our soundtrack :)
6) signed 8x10 photo of Claire as Angela
7) signed 8x10 photo of Devon Gummersall
8) 3 8x10 misc candid photos of MSCL cast (one from the set)
9) the first Catherine Clark book (I sold the second - yuck!!)

Things I would like and/or plan to buy:
1) any promo/rough cut TV episodes (usually created for Emmy's or press review)
2) a press kit
3) a poster
4) a photo signed by all the cast members
5) the DVD's

Ok, your turn. :)

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I am not krakow2000

Post by mia » Aug 18th 2000, 11:34 pm

But I outbid him/her for the poster! Which I'm willing to part with.

let's see, I have:

1 black logo/quote t-shirt
1 white t-shirt made for the crew when the series ended (which was signed by the cast)
all the scripts (no, I'm not selling them)
Several Claire items

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I'm not either

Post by worldsapart » Aug 19th 2000, 7:44 pm

My sad little collection:

One cast 8X10
a few magazine clippings, mostly of recent references to the show

I must regretfully admit that I have spent more energy on collecting Buffy stuff (hey, it's more readily available, and therefore cheaper, though there's more of it), though I am quite proud of that collection. =)


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Post by somamoons » Aug 21st 2000, 1:02 pm

how did you get ahold of that shirt?

i might buy the poster if that other girl doesn't (the one you bid on it for).

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I am...

Post by angelika » Aug 23rd 2000, 12:12 am

...not the Ebay collector that you are looking for. :-) But I AM home from camp, so... Glad to be back and be able to participate again in the MSCL discussions. Here is my small little "collection," if you will:

The second boxed set
The first MSCL book, by Catherine Clark
Some MSCL pictures that I printed out for myself from the internet
The MSCL soundtrack
OUR MSCL soundtrack

And I used to have all of the episodes on tape, until I loaned them to a friend and never got them back... Let that be a lesson to you all. :-)


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Re: I'm not either

Post by emmie » Sep 3rd 2000, 6:32 pm

I have to admit, that my collection is even sadder than yours. in fact, I don't really have anything except all the eps I taped myself. I also have a much larger collection of Buffy things. people just get that stuff for me because they know I like it. and like you said, it's easier to get. heaven forbid I want a mscl poster. :)


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Re: ebay ID: krakow2000, & collected items

Post by NIGHTJESSI » Jan 13th 2002, 12:17 pm

Since I don't have an MSCL collection, unless you count 17 episodes (desperately seeking the pilot and Dancing in the Dark) and the official soundtrack, I'm curious to see how big the collections of those who posted on this thread have grown. And I'd also love to know what other regulars here have in their collections.

Having just renewed my love for the show by watching a marathon of the episodes I have on tape, I am hoping to order both Catherine Clark books (even though I see and hear so many bad things about the second one), the Claire Danes autobiography which has some MSCL info in it, and hopefully the unofficial 2-CD soundtrack.

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Re: ebay ID: krakow2000, & collected items

Post by Dengar » Jan 24th 2002, 6:45 pm

ive been collecting for about 2 years now. evilbay, i mean EBay is a great place for finding stuff. and now a list of stuff i got for anyone who cares.

1. Red and Blue sets, and the 3 ep. DVD
2. On life support set of copys
3. Emmy consideration Pilot tape
4. Why Jordan cant read unedited tape
5. the sound track, Original, Promo, and cassette
6. our sound track
7. think around 15 offical ABC promo black and white pics
8. Emmy consideration add
9. 2 adverisments for first ABC run
10. 3 advertisements for the box sets
11. 11 of the 19 scripts (realy cool by the way"
12. both books
13. clothing: offical cast and crew jacket with MSCL logo, On Life Support black t- shirt, yearbook white t, 2 long sleave MSCL logo black t, and MSCL logo going across, up and down blue t(looks like a reprint, can be found on Ebay)
14. an autographed pic of Angela
15. countless articals
16. offical press kit (copys can be found on Ebay)
pretty sure thats it.

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Re: ebay ID: krakow2000, & collected items

Post by NIGHTJESSI » Jan 25th 2002, 9:29 pm

Wow, Dengar. You certainly have an impressive list of MSCL collectibles going on. I especially like how you've been able to land most of the scripts. I'm sure that has to be fascinating to see what's in the script as opposed to what turned up on screen. Now if TPTB would just get with it and actually make a boxed DVD set, then they could include fun things like all the scripts as well as some of the other goodies and promos you mentioned tracking down.

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