MSCL on Family channel Canada!

Discussion on bringing the show back on tv. Is "My So-Called Life" going to be shown in your country? Note: See international airdates from the last years here.
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MSCL on Family channel Canada!

Post by Shelley » Aug 22nd 2004, 8:10 pm

Monday - Thurs @ 11pm

Starting Monday, August 23rd, 2004

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Post by Sascha » Aug 23rd 2004, 4:56 am

Some press coverage in Canada:
My So-Called Life (Family Channel, 11 p.m.), which first arrived 10 years ago, remains one of the outstanding dramas of American network TV in the last few decades.

The show is about Angela Chase (Claire Danes), a quiet girl who is just coming out of her shell because she has made friends with the tough, outgoing Rayanne (A.J. Langer). But this isn't a teen drama about high-school cliques and high jinks. The pilot episode airing tonight -- the series will be on Family, Monday to Thursday at 11 p.m. -- is a masterpiece. The series made Danes a star, and rightly so.

The strength of My So-Called Life is the ability of the writers and producers to lend dramatic and moral grandeur to the apparent vacuity of teenage concerns. As Angela, Danes, with her pale, blank face, epitomizes adolescent uncertainty and self-absorption, registering every teenage trauma. She is also an emblem of fragility. The show's subtext is the slow revelation that her world, especially her family, is painfully fragile. In tonight's opening episode, when Angela sees her dad talking to another woman, she literally staggers backward, as if struck in the face. Then she runs past the white picket fences of suburbia, half-falling, because, she says, "These aren't my shoes." The shoes, whose physical or metaphorical importance has been unnoticed until now in the drama, belong to an older, shrewder friend.

Then when she gets to her home -- to a house that is, significantly, dark even in the daytime -- she feels a rush of sympathy for her mother. "My mother's adopted," she says in the voiceover. "For a while she was looking for her real parents. I guess that's what everybody is looking for."

The show is about panic and pain -- the panic that comes when an adolescent first begins to understand the dynamic of the adult world, and the pain that comes with trying to adapt to that world. One of the first statements we hear from Angela is this: "School is a battlefield, for your heart. So when Rayanne Graff told me my hair was holding me back, I had to listen. 'Cause she wasn't just talking about my hair. She was talking about my life." ... TopStories

Family Channel kicks off its fall season early with three premieres today, including a Canadian-made preschool series, an American 'tween comedy and a resurrection of My So-Called Life. Critics lavished praise -- the kiss of death -- on the latter ABC series back in 1994. It clung to life until early 1995. Claire Danes starred as 15-year-old Angela Chase, a wannabe rebel who dealt with zits, boys, her parents and school cliques during the show's short but sweet original run. It airs on Family Ch. 34 Mon. - Thurs. at 1 a.m. ... 97845.html

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Post by it hurts to look. » Sep 5th 2004, 4:06 pm

i've been watching it on family and i love the show. haha i desperately want the dvd set now but they're so expensive here. :/
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mscl dvd's

Post by Shelley » Sep 6th 2004, 10:39 pm

Keep looking around. The set that I bought my sister I paid a lot for - over $100, but my set I happend to find at Walmart for $75.00 - cheapest I have ever seen here. Talk with the store and ask when or if they might get some. Just keep an eye open! Good-luck! :D


Post by Guest » Sep 8th 2004, 6:18 pm

Long time reader and lurker...

Two questions,
1. Will Family Channel reair the episodes or are they just running throught them once?

2. Is MSCL dvd still available in stores? I didn't think it was but what do I know. I live in Canada if that matters. :)


mscl dvd's

Post by Shelley » Sep 8th 2004, 7:19 pm

I would imagine that Family Channel will air the series more than once. The great thing is there are no commercials! Anyway, as for the DVD's still on sale? I believe that they are. I just bought mine... well, a few months ago now. See if you have a "Cinema 1" store near you. They are more expensive ($99.99), but they have carried the series for quite a while now. They maybe still have it around? But please, check Walmart first! I'lll update if I hear any more news about mscl on Family. :D


Post by Guest » Sep 8th 2004, 7:33 pm

Thanks for the info Shelley. I'll start looking around.

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Post by Hollywood » Sep 8th 2004, 9:59 pm

The family channel will reair the episodes starting Thursday, September 23.
That is what there schedule is showing anyways.

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Post by MyLifeIsBrians » Sep 9th 2004, 1:15 am

Hopefully it will have a good long run on the Canada Family Channel and gain more fans.
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Post by sarahr_81 » Sep 10th 2004, 6:28 pm

i missed the first ep, but caught the second and have been taping them ever since, when the first one comes on again, i will tape that aswell.


Family channel

Post by Guest » Sep 11th 2004, 10:51 am

FAMILY.CA schedule says that My so-called Life will start re-airing Thursday, September 23rd. 11:00pm starting with the "Pilot" episode :D

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Post by So-CalledAngels » Dec 24th 2004, 10:53 pm

I noticed that too, the sets are really expensive, but luckily Christmas is coming up and some relatives send money, so that is definitely going towards my MSCL DVD box set fund. :D

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