I understand "Pressure"

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Re: I understand "Pressure"

Post by Bacchante » Mar 22nd 2011, 12:25 pm

Welcome to this forum, myso-calledlove :)

I really like the points you made. I see Jordan's actions in this episode as a lot less asshole-ish than a lot of people, I think.

And regarding the termination of their relationship-- I think you might be right, maybe Jordan had no intention to break up with Angela. I'll have to watch that scene in Angela's house once again, but I think on a subconcsious level I perceived things like you did. Also, what you say about the "varying shades of grey" is interestesting, and I actually like the sort of semi-relationship Jordan and Angela have after this break-up (well, and before the "relationship" started too). That might be because I'm partial to ambiguous relationships, but I think they learned a lot more about each other and connected more when their relationship had no defined status. But I guess it's not easy dealing with such undefined relationships when you're 15.
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