Shaggy Bum to clean cut(well cleaner than b-4)

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Shaggy Bum to clean cut(well cleaner than b-4)

Post by emma14 » Aug 16th 2004, 9:31 pm

If you have notices,Jared Leto has been looking shaggy lately.His hair was really long and he had a beard(ugghh).Well, i saw a new magizine and his hair is way shorter but not too short and he doesnt have a beard anymore.I was so excited when i saw him. He looks so hott.
Anybody else see his NEW AND IMPROVED look!
post here!! 8) :shock:
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Post by Megs » Aug 17th 2004, 6:21 pm

I discussed Jared Leto in the recent People magazine here .

His hair is shorter, and darker (no more half-bleached blonde), though I am still not a fan of how he looks.
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