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Jordan or Corey?

Jordan Catalano
Corey Helfrik
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Post by emma14 » Aug 16th 2004, 5:16 pm

i watched the episode "Batrayels" the other day and all through the show i was thinking:How could Angela go from Jordan Catalano(Hott mysterious guy)to Corey Helfrik(not so hot dude).I think, in my opinion,Jordan is way hotter than Corey.
*Here's my thoughts*
I think Angela was on the rebound. She had gotten hurt so badly by Jordan that she thought she needed to like someone else which in this case was Corey.Even though she thought she liked Corey now and was way over Jordan...She really wasnt.

What do you think?All opinions please. 8) :lol: :D :wink:
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Post by Angela_Catalano » Aug 16th 2004, 6:01 pm

The only reason she went to cory was just to make Jordan jealous. Which is some of the reason I think Jordan slept with Rayanne. She probably only thought that Cory was ok, and was trying to get over Jordan.

Cory is so different from Jordan. I dont think Cory was at all her type. Jordan is better looking. Plus Cory is probably gay, ( well I got that from reading the book "my so called life goes on"

I love Jordan Catalano!! :D

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Post by Jody Barsch* » Aug 16th 2004, 6:32 pm

I'm not sure that "How could ANGELA go from JORDAN CATALANO to COREY HELFRIK" is actually a question that requires a poll... but it is an interesting question none-the-less.

I don't think that Angela really selected Corey as her next crush. Remember that she had a dream about him, a dream a Corey Helfrick and towels made out of crackers :lol: Angela had not gone to bed thinking she was over Jordan, or that she needed to get over him by finding someone else, she simply went to sleep and had a somewhat sexual dream about somebody other than Jordan Catalano! Hence the surprise and overall joy that morning when she wakes up. (Dreaming about Corey sexually while she sleeps, most likely has very little to do with how she actually feels about him.) (I'm starting to think that I've maybe talked about this on another thread...)

It is very true that there are obvious differences between Corey and Jordan, but this switch is easier to believe when we remember that Angela didn't really choose him, and that actually she has to convince herself that she has any interest in him at all:
I like him. I do. And I want to pay this much attention to every word he says.
It isn't until she knows that Jordan is watching that it occurs to her to use Corey to try to make Jordan jealous (btw: I love that look he gives her as he passes by them, something like, "Whatever, this is bull shi--").

The second time, when Angela comes onto Corey, it is a direct reaction to feeling that Jordan and Rayanne are laughing at her for being "some innocent little twit who they can treat as bad as they want," and she uses Corey b/c he is conveinant. He is convenient in that: there were no emotional hang ups with him (as there would be if she had chosen Brian); Jordan knows little about her "relaationship" with Corey, so it would be easier to believe something about them (although by that point, I think what happened back stage had very little with Jordan, or Rayanne for that matter) finding out about it); she had already flirted wit him slightly, and knew she would be painting the oak tree with him etc.; she does not find him threatening or intimidating; etc... Angela's interactions with Corey in "Betrayal" ahd very little, or nothing, to do with any genuine feelings for him, and was not something, I feel, that she was going to pursue much further than that day. ((There could be some debate on that point -- if Corey had welcomed kissing Angela, how long would that have gone on for? That day? A couple of days? Weeks? What was she willing to get herself into?))

I really don't think that Corey is gay.
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Post by igor » Aug 17th 2004, 2:17 pm

It isn't until she knows that Jordan is watching that it occurs to her to use Corey to try to make Jordan jealous (btw: I love that look he gives her as he passes by them, something like, "Whatever, this is bull shi--").
Totally, I noticed that look too.And before that, when he's like supposedly, casually waiting for her and he sees her talking to Corey and then he's like "holly crap, she's talking to that weird guy" and then she smiles( really beautiful, but fake smile) and he's like"c'mon , you gotta be kiddin' me, that guy over me?!What's wrong with her?".

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Post by emmie » Mar 17th 2005, 6:08 pm

I just watched Life of Brian today. and if I remember correctly, there are many threads that talk about the issue of Corey. but I also had the question of why Corey is so great. we've had debates over who really likes him and who he really likes. but why does anyone actually like him in the first place? I understand that he is new and has a bit of mystery to him. but in any scene he's ever been in, he's just.....well, boring. supposedly he's this eccentric artist, yet he doesn't seem to have that eccentric personality. his personality is flat. which is fine for a minor character whose only point is to further the plot along. except that his minor role is supposed to be this guy who is desirable. first Rickie, then Angela, possibly even Rayanne. what is it about this guy?! I understand that Angela is just using him to make Jordan jealous, but what about Rickie? is he so desperate to find a guy to be interested in that he goes for the first one that's nice to him? I just don't get Corey's appeal. :?

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Post by angelfood » Mar 23rd 2005, 1:39 am

"I like him, I really do and I want to pay this much attention to every word hes says....and its not just because i know jordan catalonos watching" you have it right there. Even when shes trying to convince herself that she likes him she cant get jordan out of her head

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