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MSCL fan art

Post by unhailey » Jun 21st 2004, 5:41 pm

Does anyone do fan art (or know if a link to fan art)? I'm looking for a MSCL avatar for another site. Thanks.
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Nicky Driscoll
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Post by sunshine11 » Aug 2nd 2004, 11:29 am

I wondered the same thing. I'm looking for Angela/Jordan fanarts or avatars.
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found this

Post by Amika » Aug 3rd 2004, 1:01 am

found this at a claire site

Go to "interact" and scroll down to "fan art"

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Jody Barsch*
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Post by Jody Barsch* » Aug 15th 2004, 5:31 pm

I came across a drawing of Angela on the internet, but I'm not sure how to post it in a way that will work ... the problem is, you need a password to access the site, and I think there might by copyright issues ... I guess PM me if you want details.[/url]
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