Wilson Cruz on The West Wing (2004)

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Wilson Cruz on The West Wing (2004)

Post by dTheater » Apr 1st 2004, 2:08 pm

I'm hoping someone's a regular viewer, maybe they'll know. I only watched the last few minutes of the episode in which there was a documentary crew in the White House, and I kept seeing a character in a group of people following Allison Janney's character, like they were all interns or something. And everytime they showed him, it was from behind or from the side, so I can't be sure, but it looked like his body type, size and hair.
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Post by TomSpeed » Apr 1st 2004, 2:22 pm

I usually watch it. But I missed it last night.

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Post by Dave » Apr 3rd 2004, 7:00 pm

Yep, that was him. He played a deputy press secretary (or a deputy deputy press secretary, not sure).

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Post by Nostradamus » Apr 3rd 2004, 10:31 pm

Wilson looked pretty good there; he had some five o'clock shadow, and his jaw was thicker, but otherwise he seems almost unchanged since his MSCL days. It was odd seeing him in a conservative suit though.


This isn't really news, but West Wing has also featured several other MSCL vets, and composer W. G. Snuffy Walden wrote music for both series.
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Wilson Cruz on West Wing

Post by MyLifeIsBrians » Apr 12th 2004, 3:42 pm

I did`nt see that episode but I saw some recent pictures of Wilson and he seems so grown up. He has shorter hair and about the jaw...it does seem thicker. I don`t know he looks different but still the same anyways He looks really great.
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Re: Did I see Wilson Cruz on the West Wing last night?

Post by Jody Barsch* » Feb 29th 2008, 10:47 pm

Wilson's actually in two episodes of West Wing. I know this is a super old thread, but I happened to have this particular disc on last night as I was working. West Wing is my old faithful. Those dvds get watched more than any others in my house. I like how sassy Wilson's character is (in the like 7 mins. of screen time he has). There should really be a 6 degrees of separation game for West Wing, it seems like everybody's been on it (including at least two other MSCL actors off the top of my head -- there's other posts about it).
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