Everybody Loves My So-Called Life

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Everybody Loves My So-Called Life

Post by Sascha » Mar 29th 2004, 2:01 pm

Promoting the start of "My So-Called Life" this friday, "The N" added a nice blurb about "Everybody Loves My So-Called Life" on their webpage.

http://www.the-n.com/movies/article.php ... cleID=2062

Among others, they quote Joss Whedon:
"If I wanted [Buffy] to be compared to anything, it would be My So-Called Life." (Rumor has it, at a panel of teen TV show writers, he literally bowed down to Winnie Holzman, MSCL's creator.)

Well, that got me interested. Joss bowing down to Winnie Holzman? Cute. I looked for some confirmation of this rumor and it's mentioned here: http://www.slayage.tv/essays/slayage7/Lavery.htm - but that's not really a reliable source either (but a very interesting essay about Joss nonetheless). According to other sources, this event took place in Novmber 1999 at The Museum of Television and Radio in Beverly Hills.
Well, yet another tiny piece of information for MSCL hard core fans ;-)

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