A.J. Langer TVguide.com chat transcript (2001)

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A.J. Langer TVguide.com chat transcript (2001)

Post by Ken » Mar 9th 2001, 10:20 pm

There's a chat transcript with A J Langer on http://www.tvguide.com/tv/shows/2853571.asp.

She talks a bit about MSCL and keeping in touch with the rest of cast.

Has anyone seen her new show, Three Sisters? How is it? Is AJ like Rayanne in that show?

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Re: A J Langer chat transcript

Post by Alee » Mar 12th 2001, 7:50 pm

where do you go on the tv guide site? i mean, once you're there

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Re: A J Langer chat transcript

Post by NIGHTJESSI » Jan 13th 2002, 11:32 am

I know this transcript is nearly a year old, but I've always liked A.J. Langer and thought it might be an interesting read for other newbies like me.

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