London flats

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London flats

Post by guest » Jan 16th 2004, 4:22 pm

my friend lives in the U.S and wants to move to London for a year to work and experience Europe. but he is having trouble finding flats to rent on the internet. and I know that there are a lot of people from Britain on this site, so I was wondering if you had any tips?


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Post by starbug » Jan 19th 2004, 5:19 am

try - there is a section in there for flats to rent and buy, and it's generally considered the bible for london lettings.
One point, however; you have to be quick. Properties have a tendency to go fast (eg I have been on my way to view a place on the day it was published, and had a call from the owner saying it's gone).

So, if you're happy to take the plunge and sign up to something before seeing it, then fine. Otherwise, being in the US it might be very difficult.

Another site is, or alternatively search (general directory) for lettings agents in the areas you want to live, and ring them up. This is usually more productive anyway.

Additionally, be careful regarding the areas you choose. London is notorious for pleasant areas being right around the corner (literally) from scum districts where people get killed. I've lived in London a lot of years and if you want to ask me about areas that are under consideration, there's a reasonable chance I've lived there or know someone who does/has. Post here, or PM me and I'll do my best.

Good luck!


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