Favorite episodes (or rank them all?)

General discussion about the nineteen episodes of "My So-Called Life". Note: Our episode guide can be found here.
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Re: Favorite episodes (or rank them all?)

Post by oldguy » Jan 11th 2002, 4:15 pm

Hi! Thanks for your post. It's been almost two years since I first posted this question, but I will always have an intereast in how people think about MSCL.

I'm curious --- I missed your other posts perhaps --- Why "Weekend" # 1? That is definitely unusual. I think most folks find "Weekend" to be one of the weakest episodes. I enjoyed it --- particularly the stuff with Patty and Graham drinking --- but I have a hard time ranking it within the best ten shows.

Everyone's opinion is interesting though, and I am eager to learn new insights!

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Re: Favorite episodes (or rank them all?)

Post by K-man » Jan 11th 2002, 5:17 pm

The other post I was referring to was titled, "Weekend Episode" i think and it is somewhere on this forum list. It is pretty much a micro-forum for Lifer's to bash the episode. At least it looks like it turned out that way. The first time I watched MSCL was winter 1998 on MTV. I just remember laughing lots when I watched "Weekend". LOTS! I think alot of people feel the show "sold out" for sweeps week with that episode. I don't know about that, and I wasn't trying to offfend anyone by choosing "Weekend" as my favorite, I just really like it. I watched it again last night in fact.


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Re: Favorite episodes (or rank them all?)

Post by Joanna » Jan 11th 2002, 7:58 pm

I think favourite ranking episodes all depend on which epsiodes you relate to the most and at what time. When I was a teenager it was So-Called Angels, The Substitute and Self-Esteem (of course!!).....now it's The Zit, The Life Of Brian, Weekend and the final episode...which I feel makes me think about my life now more where Angela almost comes of age at the end. The pilot will always be one of the best because that was the one that made me think "'wow! I must see that next week!" There are of course classic scenes from them all that are impossible to rank I think...and some brilliant quotes by Angela which still mean so much to me now. Yes, I think I would rather rank my favourite scenes as opposed to episodes because that would be easier for me.

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Re: Favorite episodes (or rank them all?)

Post by Dengar » Jan 11th 2002, 9:36 pm

1. In Dreams Begin Responsibilities oooo, the letter.
2. Pilot the start of it all, and the best script writing IMHO.
3. Dancing in the Dark the ep i related to the most, realy shows how Angela and Brians relation ship works.
4. Life of Brian funny funny stuff.
5. Why Jordan Can't Read oooooo, the letter
the rest are all pretty much on the same page. the Weekend ep, #1, thats a bold statment. good for you for sticking to your guns tho. id rank it higher than Holloween and So-called Angles if need be. hope i didnt offend any body there;)

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Re: Favorite episodes (or rank them all?)

Post by NIGHTJESSI » Jan 13th 2002, 8:54 am

I'm new to this board, and it was great to see such a fun topic at the top of the forum. I recently went through the tapes I had made when MTV showed the series as a marathon and I just had to find other fans of MSCL.

It's hard for me to rank episodes since I love the show from start to finish. Among my faves, though, have to be:

~ In Dreams Begin Responsibilities because of the fabulous letter and of all the possibilities that are open at the close of the show.
~ Why Jordan Can't Read because once again the written word plays a part in bringing Angela and Jordan together.
~ Pressure because of that amazing but sad scene between Jordan and Angela.
~ The pilot because of how the show is set up so beautifully.
~ Self-Esteem because of the fabulous music and, of course, the plentiful scenes of Angela and Jordan kissing.

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