The DVD's

This forum is for questions/discussions about the now sold out first DVD box set by BMG / AnotherUniverse.
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The DVD's

Post by adam » Oct 28th 2001, 9:45 am

hey i was just wondering if there was any new news on how mscl on dvd is comming.

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Re: The DVD's

Post by mglenn » Nov 8th 2001, 4:12 pm

Hmmm... Well I wish I had good news but alas I do not. Not that its all bad! Its come to pass that our sole supporter within BMG is no longer with the company.
But all is not lost, our inside man is still working hard to get the DVD produced. He currectly "...trying to find a more financial stable entertainment company." The current plan is to find a company willing to buy the rights and produce the DVD boxed set. If anyone knows of a DVD producer that could be interested please let us know here at and we'll get the info to our guy.

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Re: The DVD's

Post by dTheater » Nov 19th 2001, 1:51 am

A company called Extreme CD ( sells VCD copies of TV shows: sopranos, sports night, buffy, MSCL, and more. for a while, they were attemtping to buy the rights for Sports Night and produce a DVD set. They were never able to buy the rights, but the fact that they tried says that if there were enough fan interest - and there certainly is with the petition - they might attempt to do the same thing with MSCL. now unfortunately, they no longer sell VCD copies of televisions shows; now i believe they just sell soft porn or something, but they are still actively trying to make their own DVDs of sports night and others. my point is: they sold MSCL VCDs in the past; they're obviously fans of the show. they may be willing to do this, or at least try.

also, i hope that jason wasnt fired because he kept bugging them to get the mscl dvds produced.

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Re: The DVD's

Post by north_Star98 » Dec 3rd 2001, 5:24 am

i really hope the dvds come out...i've been waiting...and waiting...ever since there was news that the there could be a dvd boxed set coming out. now that that whole thing isn't with bmg or much hope do we have of getting the dvd boxed set????

i have really bad taped copies...they're wearing out. :(

what is going to happen? :(

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