I laughed out loud when...

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Re: I laughed out loud when...

Post by dudn3000 » Oct 4th 2007, 1:05 am

4alifetime wrote:I don't know if this one was brought up either, there are so many funny scenes, but I always loved the part where Jordan sneaks into Angela's house in Pressure(I think) and when Patty comes down the stairs to talk to her about meeting Jordan he can hear the whole conversation. I thought Claire Danes was hilarious in that scene! Then Angela comes back into the kitchen and Jordan says "So you like me??!"

I also always laugh out loud when Patty is rushing out the door in the Christmas episode to go look for Angela and Brian is at the door and she yells at him "Just spit it out!" And then she looks and Graham and says "I'm sorry!" Anyone else remember that one?
Oh yes, I do! It's so great! "Just spit it out!" :D

I also love the scene when Angla and Jordon look up Jordan's tutor and Jordan tries to read his name and then Brian stands behind him and Jordan asks: "So, are you Brain?" :mrgreen:

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