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This forum is for questions/discussions about the now sold out first DVD box set by BMG / AnotherUniverse.
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the latest review

Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Dec 4th 2003, 3:08 pm

This review appeared in Sunday's paper:

If ever a TV show deserved the DVD treatment, it's "My So-Called Life." Fans of the critically praised but short-lived series lobbied ABC to keep it on the air; after that failed, they petitioned the network to release the shows on DVD. The five-DVD boxed set includes all 19 episodes of the 1994-95 first (and only) season. A portrait of contemporary suburban high school life that rang touchingly, cringingly, hilariously true, the series introduced a major actress in Claire Danes, whose adorably awkward, angst-ridden Angela is a luminously real central character. While it's a blessing to have all the episodes (it's hard to watch just one in a session), the digital transfer looks a bit dicey, and the so-called extras are pretty skimpy. The lack of production notes is a serious omission, and although the 50-minute interview with writer Winnie Holzman and producers Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick is passionate and revealing, it's clearly a lo-fi, stationary-camera quickie. The first edition of the set was shipped in a souvenir lunch box -- if you're really lucky, maybe you can find one at an online auction..




My theory? Ross just sent a set to the SF Chronicle in the hopes of getting a review and increasing sales over Christmas. I'm glad they didn't mention AU, but I don't like the fact that the reviewer neglected to mention that most retailers no longer have this in stock AND that AU is the only source for the bonus disc and lunchbox.

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Re: the latest review

Post by fnordboy » Dec 4th 2003, 3:25 pm

candygirl wrote:The first edition of the set was shipped in a souvenir lunch box --
:lol: :roll:

shipped in.... :lol:... :shock:... :cry:

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