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I don't have an username on here but I was reading this and if you could would you send the stories to me I would love to read them. I have 2 e-mail addressed you could send them to: or Please if possible send them to me. thank you



Where can I read these extra episodes?

Post by mhuffman » Mar 30th 2004, 8:17 pm

I just recently bought the complete series of the MSCL because I watched them all back when they were originally on and I was in high school at the time. Anyway, I just finished watching all the episodes, and I was very depressed because there is no ending, and so I thought I'd check out any web sites devoted to the series and came across this one. Then I noticed that it looks like someone has been writing extra episodes? If so, where in the heck is the link to them so I can read, because I would love to do so.
Someone please let me know!

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Post by Natasha (candygirl) » Mar 31st 2004, 1:47 am

Check out the Fan Fiction section of the website for more episodes than you can shake a stick at!
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Post by Jody Barsch* » May 29th 2004, 11:57 am

Okay, I need opinions from those of you out there who believe that Angela and Jordan would have gotten back together, and then would have ultimately ended up sleeping together:

Would Angela have waited for the "I love you"s?

In a draft of a fanfic I occasionaly work on, it is a non-issue -- neither of them say it, but neither talks about waiting to hear it either. (To clarify the circumstances, it isn't that that they are in a non-loving relationship, it just goes more unsaid)

In "Pressure" as Angela mulls over her decsion to sleep with Jordan or not to sleep with Jordan the issue of "love" never comes up, that of course does not mean that after the breakup, and the so-called betrayal, it wouldn't come up.

Any thoughts?[/b]
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Post by TomSpeed » Jun 2nd 2004, 9:53 am

I've usually had a hard time writing about Angela and Jordan's relationship in my fan fiction. Part of the difficulty stems from the fact that their relationship isn't much of a relationship. Most teenagers don't have meaningful relationships. So, I continue the relationship/no relationship theme. I think Angela and Jordan meet somewhere in the middle of their expectations and desires. Their relationship is more understood than said. I'm not sure whether they have sex in high school. I'm leaning towards no in my stories. But I see Angela's going to college as a liberating event for her. During her summers, she gravitates towards Jordan and things happen.

I need to get back to writing my current story. I have found though that I'm not sure how to deal with sexual issues of a different variety -- between Angela and Brian. I'm not sure how to write about it. Of course, that's a different story.

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Post by grim4746 » Jun 3rd 2004, 7:26 am

Jody Barsch* wrote:Would Angela have waited for the "I love you"s?
My guess is that Angela would have read (too much) into Jordan's actions and the words he did say and convinced herself that he was really saying that he loves her. She might believe that in a sense she did wait for the "I love yous". Maybe she would have even been right. But either way I think she would have ended up sleeping with him before he said "I love you", if he ever got around to it.

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Post by Jody Barsch* » Jun 6th 2004, 2:11 am

Yup. That's pretty much what I was thinking too. Thanks Tomspeed and grim4746!

These episodes are taking a long time :roll: ... I've changed some of the things that we talked about grim4746, I have added some things, but I still have big gaps to fill for some characters (hence the title of this thread). Well, I actually ended up writing in a pregancy in for Sharon. :? I never wanted to do this, it just seemed so expected, and it seemed like it would make MSCL a little too like an after-school-special (it already covered drug/alcohol abuse, sex, abuse, runaways, etc...). I wrote the pregnancy in after reading someone's post about having Winnie come in to speak to her class at Berkely and saying that she saw it happening. (So I guess this leads to another question guys (as I have written the pregnancy scenes but not yet chosen an episode to fit them into): if Angela hears that Sharon is pregnant before she ever sleeps with Jordan, will this affect her decision?
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Post by TomSpeed » Jun 6th 2004, 10:02 am

I think that if Sharon gets pregnant in high school, it would reinforce Angela's ambivalence toward sex. Sex has consequences.

Patty: If Rayanne's not seeing you, and we're not seeing you, who is seeing you?
Graham: And how much of you?
Angela: Dad!
Graham: Oh, I'm sorry! I asked a question about your life, didn't I? Woah, what came over me?


Post by Guest » Jun 6th 2004, 3:24 pm

Jody Barsh wrote;
if Angela hears that Sharon is pregnant before she ever sleeps with Jordan, will this affect her decision?
It would make her even more reluctant to have sex with Jordan.I'm guessing she would even start to feel a certain hostility toward Jordan, because of his betrayal she would start to see in him an irresponsible boy who can get drunk and get a girl pregnant just as easy as Kyle( or whoever) got her best friend pregnant competely ruining her young life.
So, yes it would definitely affect her decision.

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Post by Jody Barsch* » Jun 6th 2004, 8:13 pm

Yeah, I totally feel you guys on that. But I don't think it would necessarily disuade her completely, although it would definitely give her reason to pause. But then again, when we want to do something, we often rationalize things away. But whatever, this really isn't my biggest concern with these episodes. -- WHAT THE HECK IS RAYANNE DOING WITH HER LIFE? for one.
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Post by Guest » Jun 8th 2004, 7:07 am

Jody Barsch* wrote: -- WHAT THE HECK IS RAYANNE DOING WITH HER LIFE? for one.
Drinkin', usin', screwin', IMHO

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Post by queencordy44 » Jun 14th 2004, 10:29 pm

Hi. I'm new to this Board. My Favorite Couple is Angela/Jordan. Could you email me te story? My address is
Thank You so much

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Post by sunshine11 » Jul 27th 2004, 4:48 pm

Jody Barsch- Where did you post your fanfic?

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Post by Jody Barsch* » Aug 19th 2004, 3:39 am

I started, and finished a draft of a fanfic today! It's pretty short, and although it is in script format, it isn't a real episode. The story is a brief meeting between Jordan and Angela 10 years after the show ended. Here's where I make my shoutout to Tomspeed: seems like the past few years of reading your ideas about Brian, Angela and Jordan, and their future interactions, really influenced me in this one -- thank you. Thanks also to Emmie for reading it over.
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Post by Jody Barsch* » Aug 19th 2004, 5:14 am

For years I have had the idea of combining images with fanfiction; this is the first version that I am sharing. This mini-story takes place 9 or 10 yrs after "In Dreams". I wrote it with a history of the characters in mind, but not one that exisits anywhere for you to read. The pictures are there to help you transiton from thinking of these characters as high schoolers, to how they might look 10 years later. As they are clearly not intended to be viewed in the context of a story, some continuity will be lacking (such as a backgroung might show it to be daylight when the story calls for it to be night, or a change in make up or clothes). I am still struggling with which pictures to use for Jordan when he first says hello, and when they are seated. (I will post alternatives for you to view). Also, the directions in some places are long, which tends to slow down the dialogue. I find that if you read through the directions, and then reread the lines with the staging and tone in your mind, the pace is more effective. ... Okay, I think that's it for now. Enjoy...

[This is ten years after we last saw these characters, Angela’s 24, Jordan 27. The scene is a bar somewhere in Three Rivers. Angela is standing at the bar with four friends, two of who are sitting on bar stools. Jordan crosses by, thinks he spots her from behind, pauses, and says her name]
J: Angela?
A: [she turns and around to see him, she speaks in a soft voice] Jordan. [she smiles] Hi.
J: [speaking casually and warmly, the moment is just slightly awkward] How’ya doin’? [he holds a bottle of beer in his hand and gestures slightly with it as he speaks to her]
A: [still looking at him, Angela kind of shakes here head slightly to draw herself out of the surprise of seeing him, and hugs him as she answers] I’m fine. [Jordan hesitates slightly before holding her] [taking a small step back, she gives his arm a small rub, smiling as she asks] How are you?
J: Good. I’m good.
A: Good. [there is a pause in the conversation as they look at each other]
J: So, [Jordan kind of gestures to the people she is standing with to remind her they are not alone]
A: [almost a laugh as she remembers herself] Heh, uh, Jordan, these are some friends of mine from school, David, Victoria, Peter, and Kym. [she turns to her friends] This is Jordan [as an after thought, and in a softer voice, glancing at him as she speaks but then looking away] a dear friend of mine. [Angela’s friends greet him]
J: Hey. Nice to meet you.
A: We’re just here, for the weekend.
J: Staying at your parents’?
A: No, we were just there for dinner. We’re actually driving into Pittsburgh tonight. [Jordan nods]
Peter: Excuse me, Angela? We’re gonna go grab a table. [the other friends have gathered their drinks and are moving from the bar to a booth]
A: Uh, wait, I’ll be there in a second.
P: No, go ahead and catch up, we’re fine. [extending his hand to Jordan] Nice to meet you Jordan.
J: [shaking] Yeah, you too. [looking down at Angela] Look, I don’t want to keep you from your friends.
A: Would you like to join us?
J: [casually looking around the bar, not focusing on anything, just kind of looking above people’s heads as he thinks] Naw. [focusing back on her] Just wanted to see if it was you. [very small smile]
A: [She smiles] I wish we had more time to catch up.
J: [he grins, as if to say “that’s how things go with us”, takes a sip from his beer, and then gestures with his hand to her nearly empty glass] Can I buy you another? [she hesitates, looks over at her friends’ table who don’t appear to be ready to leave, he follows her eyes] Look, I’ll let you get back. [He puts his hand on her arm] See you around. [pause, with sincerity] It was good to see you Angela. [moves to walk away]
A: [she looks a little distressed, looks quickly at her friends across the room then back at Jordan] Jordan, wait. [she smiles hopefully]

* * *

[Jordan and Angela are sitting across from each other in a booth in the corner, the bar is more full than it was in the previous scene. She has sent her friends to the city ahead of her, and plans to catch up with them later]
J: So work’s good?
A: Yeah, you know, I mean, it’s fine.
J: [wry smile] You don’t like publishing?
A: No. No- I mean, it’s not that. No, it’s good. [he kind of laughs]
J: And you’re living, where?
A: In Philadelphia. I like it.
J: You know, I used to see your sister around sometimes.
A: [smiles] Yeah, she told me. [takes a drink] So, how are things with you? What are you doing now?
J: [sighs a little throwing his head back and smiles recklessly as he returns his gaze to her] God, when was the last time we talked?
A: [thinking about that] I don’t know, two, three Christmases ago?
J: [its coming back, a little bit infamous] Oh, right, that party.
A: Heh, that was, [looking blankly at him] not, my best night.
J: [under his breath as he raises his bottle to his lips, lowering his eyes, not quite looking at her] Yeah. [silence for a little while]
A: [changing the subject and tone a little] So, you see your dad any?
J: [putting the bottle down on the table] Sometimes. Not that often. He’s still living in that same house though.
A: Still playing the guitar?
J: Some, yeah. The band I’m in now performs pretty regularly. … Angela,… [getting ready to move past the “how are you’s – what are you up to’s”]
A: Did I hear you moved out of state?
J: [letting it go for now, refocuses on Angela’s questions] Huh? Uh, yeah, I was in Aspen for a couple of years. I just moved back this spring. [as an after thought he adds] I was living in Mexico for a while. [catches himself] Oh, you knew that, huh?
A: [smiles and nods with familiarity – indicating that she definitely knew that, in fact, she had been down there with him for a while; her eyebrows furrow a bit, as to say “Why don't you know that.”] Yeah. So, are you still doing carpentry?
J: [drinks] Mm, hm. Yeah, [speaks up a little more] ah, cabinetry, custom, starting to do more furniture. I was working at a couple ski resorts in Colorado.
A: Do you ski?
J: Some. Mainly I snowboard.
A: That’s hard to imagine.
J: [he looks at her amused] Oh yeah? [a waitress approaches]
W: Can I get you another round?
A: You want one?
J: You don’t have to get going?
A: I have time. [turns to the waitress] Please. [back to Jordan] So you’re living in Three Rivers?
J: Over on Dixon.
A: Still see anyone from Liberty?
J: High school? Some. [feeling obligated] You?
A: A few. Rickie’s [saying his name, in that “you remember him” tone] in D.C. He’s doing great. Sharon Chirsky’s engaged. She’s doing journalism in Boston. Brian’s in Berkley working on his PhD.
J: Oh yeah?
A: [smiling] Mm, hm, I just saw him a couple months ago. Do hear from Rayanne?
J: [looks at her a moment] You don’t talk?
A: [with a touch of regret but also a rationalization] We lost touch.
J: [he nods] No, I don’t know what she’s doin’. [pause] Tino probably still talks to her. He was livin’ in Italy for a while.
A: Really?
J: Yeah, for like, I don’t know, two years, or something. I flew out to see him two summers ago. [sips beer] Ever been?
A: [slowly shakes her head, and asks, a little dreamily] Was it nice?
J: Angela, it was incredible. [saying her name had made the conversation more intimate, and they both become a little more self conscious, there is pause in conversation, she smiles, he “hmphs” a small grin, they look away]
A: Listen, -
J: I need a smoke. Do’ya mind? [he indicates the back door to invite her step out with him]
A: [looking around before she decides (she had been about to excuse herself), then smiles] Sure. [Jordan stands, waits for her as she rises and grabs her drink, and then follows her out to the patio. Once outside Angela falls back to follow Jordan. He walks a few steps across the deck, she leans against the deck rail as he takes out his pack and lights his cigarette. Keeping the cigarette in his mouth, he goes to put his pack away (this is all done very automatically, his eyes are not really focused on his task]
A: Can I have one? [he looks at her, then holds the pack out to her. As she removes one from the carton, Jordan takes the cigarette from his mouth, exhales, and looks at her as she raises the cigarette to her lips. Jordan puts the cigarette back in his mouth as he lights hers. Angela takes a drag, and then smiles at him as she sees him watching her] I’ve smoked a cigarette with you before.
J: [stops watching her and moves so that he is standing beside her, also leaning against the railing. Jordan is carelessly surveying their surroundings as she still watches him] I don’t remember that. [her eyebrows furrow a bit, as to say “I don’t get how you don’t remember that.” Taking another drag, Jordan says,] My sister had a baby.
A: Really?
J: [flicking the ash from his cigarette] I’m an uncle.
A: [tenderly] That’s amazing. Boy or girl?
J: Boy. ‘S name’s Adam.
A: [smiling] Wow. [with some trepidation] And you?
J: Kids? No. [gives her a vary small playful elbow, without looking at her] You?
A: [she laughs, then answers] No. [pushing the subject before she takes a drink] Seeing anybody?
J: [sounds just a little bit sorry to say it] Yeah. Sara.
A: [the courteous smile and follow up question] For how long?
J: Ah, [takes a drag] we’ve been living together for, [thinks] something like seven months?
A: Wow.
J: What about you? Still with that guy? Uh, Evan?
A: No. [he nods, she’s silent. They both take a drag off their cigarettes, she puts hers out. She smiles, looks at him, then looks away and then back at him, still smiling, he watches her as she does this. She slaps his arm lightly with the back of her hand] God! I can’t believe you’re here! It’s like – I don’t know! [still smiling, but smaller, she leans her head against his shoulder; he looks down at her, then wraps his arm around her. He finishes his cigarette, stubs it out on the railing beside him, and sighs]
J: [they are both peaking softly, not a lot of movement, gazing ahead, just kind of thinking, voices sound a little detached] I miss you.
A: [small smile] Me too. [his hand that is holding her arms gives her a slight squeeze] [silence for a while] I’m going out to San Francisco in two weeks.
J: Oh, yeah? Work?
A: [shakes her head] I’m going to see Brian. [she looks up at him to see his face]
J: Oh?
A: He asked me to come and see him.
J: [resuming his normal voice] Well, you look great.
A: [Angela laughs and rolls her eyes, shrugging his arm off of her shoulder – in a dry but playful tone] Thanks.
J: No, [in earnest] you’ll be happy. [she smiles weakly at him]
A: Lets get out of here.

* * *
[On the highway, Jordan is driving, Angela in the passenger seat. She is looking out the window in the darkness]
A: [she turns towards him smiling] You know, I still listen to your CD sometimes.
J: [Jordan looks at her incredulously] No you don’t.
A: The one your band made, the one you gave me? Yes I do.
J: [almost in pain] Ah, Angela, [he looks over at her, focusing on her face for an extended moment, then returns his attention to the road] That album’s terrible. Trash it.
A: I like it. [he rolls his eyes good-naturedly. Silence. She is running her fingers along the base of her window, nostalgically she asks] What ever happened to your Plymouth?
J: Died. Somewhere in Mexico. Cost too much to fix so I sold ‘er to a buddy of mine.
A: [She’s running her finger along the roof of his car, remembering the old convertible top, and casts a quick glance to the back seat] That’s sad. … I remember you in that car.
J: [changing the subject] So, you think you might move to California?
A: Hm?
J: Berkeley.
A: [shaking her head] I don’t know. [kind of amazed by it when she begins to think of this act of pursuing a relationship with Brian] It’s so new. … I’m excited though. [Jordan glances at her; that made him smile]
J: [Referring to the off ramp into the city] Am I getting off here?
A: Uhh, [looking around] yeah. The hotel’s downtown.
J: [driving, watching the road] Angela – [he shifts the car] I’m sorry things didn’t -- …. that they always seemed to – …. we were never able to – [she puts her hand on his and smiles warmly] – [explaining,] I guess I just kept thinking that eventually we’d be able to make it work.
A: I know.
J: And then we fucked it up. [she makes a conceding face, recalling the last time they saw each other three years earlier]
A: I’m glad I ran into you tonight.
J: [nodding, still watching the road] Yeah.

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